A cryptocurrency exchange allows every customer to trade their existing cryptos or digital currencies. Most cryptocurrency exchange enables users to carry out transactions. There are minimal charges involved while using these platforms. Prior to investing, it is important to have complete and thorough understanding about these platforms.


Most cryptocurrency exchanges utilize blockchain technology. This way it allows users to have access to decentralized books and storage spaces. Thanks to the crypto encryption technique that comes with these crypto exchanges.

Let us try to understand in detail 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchange platforms allow for trading and are available for use at minimal/low fees.

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1. Pionex: This is one of the oldest crypto exchanges available in the crypto market. It comes with 18 free built-in trading bots. Compared to other exchange platforms in the market, Pionex deploys low transaction fees. Pionex allows for easy and manual trading and allows for conversion from crypto to crypto. Yet another advantage is that the system is completely automated. It does not involve any manual intervention while buying and selling crypto orders.

2. CoinSmart: A Canadian-based exchange that is available for use 24*7. There is an internal built-in mechanism that allows for a strong identity verification process. The exchange throws an error message in case you are using any fake address or personal data. It also has a built-in double-layered authentication system. This layered technology allows users to order digital books.

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3. Binance: Considering the volume of trades, it will not be wrong to address Binance as a pioneer. It supports cryptocurrencies and coins of more than 150 varieties. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB coins. With its huge network span, Binance exchange is now available in more than 180 countries for use. And sometimes they determine the value of bitcoin.

4. ByBit: If you are looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly, then ByBit is your answer. The added advantage of ByBit crypto exchange is its 99.9% accuracy and correctness. The platform has been able to provide real-time market trends. Despite, the market being volatile, ByBit retains its correctness and accuracy. This feature is a sure hit amongst its users.

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5. PrimeXBT: It is a platform that is accessible globally. This platform also provides you with 24*7 support. The platform also gives you the advantage to earn by referrals. With a single account in PrimeXBT platform, you get immediate access to more than 50+ markets. This platform allows for many levels of trading. This includes commodity marketing, stock indices, and other cryptocurrencies, etc.

6. FixedFloat: Do you have digital assets and want to take complete advantage of them? Your answer to this solution is FixedFloat. This platform also provides a tailored solution to its users. There is a dedicated customer support team. The team supports its users 24*7 and allows for better and faster processing of data.

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7. ChangeNow: This platform allows for crypto exchanges that are non-custodial and limitless. Yet another advantage of this platform is the possibility to use Visa and MasterCard. A transaction is 100% completed using either of these cards. as per recent studies, the platform currently provides services starting from 0.5%.

8. CashApp: If you are looking for a peer-to-peer money exchange then CashApp is your solution. This app is popular for use and download in both iOS and Android operating systems. With Cash App also, you can make many transactions without any charges using your debit cards. However, 3% transaction charges are levied on payments initiated through credit cards.

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9. Bisq: It is a desktop and mobile-based cryptocurrency exchange application. This application allows you to buy and sell cryptos using local currencies. You need a government-issued ID card to open a savings account. But if you are looking at trading cryptos then you can skip the above steps. There is no need for any type of KYC document and allows you to use this exchange without any hassle.

10. Swapzone: A crypto exchange platform that does not need any verification documents. This is an instant exchange model and allows all users to swap their digital currency. The swaps can be undertaken at minimal and lower fees. This exchange model also attracts wide users due to its transaction speed. User ratings have been an all-time high for this exchange platform.

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