Apart from the decor of your bridal shower. You need to select other important items such as the cake. However, there are a million options available on the internet for wedding and bridal shower cakes. Therefore, it can be difficult to make one choice. Therefore, we have made a list of six bridal shower cake ideas to make it easy for you.

Wedding dress cake

Yes, it may seem a little silly. However, a wedding dress cake is very common these days. The idea is to draw a wedding cake on top of the cake as decor. On top of this, you can also get a fondant cake made in the shape of a wedding dress.

It will look gorgeous and make up for great photos. Especially if you are planning an elegant theme for your bridal shower. A wedding dress cake will be the perfect addition to your party.

You can also get elegant foil bridal shower invitations.

Chocolate cake

The world can turn upside down but it can never get over chocolate cake. Especially if you are a fan of chocolate cake, you cannot miss out on it at your wedding or bridal shower. Therefore, you can get yourself chocolate at your bridal shower (the kids will love it).

You’ll have a great time eating it and the guests will also enjoy their dessert. However, if you think that the chocolate cake will be a bit too much for you, you can add some other flavor to the cake as well. But, make the base out of the chocolaty goodness. You will not regret this choice.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cakes have been as popular as chocolate cakes. However, there are very few people that enjoy them. But, a pineapple cake is the best for any party. Mainly because the flavor is really subtle and everyone can enjoy it with some condiments. Therefore, a pineapple cake will be the best choice for your bridal shower event

Especially, if you are hosting a tropical-themed bridal shower. A pineapple cake will be the best addition to the mix.

Ring cake 

Just like the wedding dress cake, you can also get a ring cake. You can either draw a ring on the gate or make a ring fondant cake. That depends on your preference. However, the perfectly shaped ring cake will look stunning at the event. As far as the flavor is concerned, you can choose any that you like for the base.

Three-floor cake

If you are hosting a big event for your bridal shower. You should get a three-floor cake for the party. These cakes have been really famous – and for all the right reasons. First, they will look absolutely gorgeous at the event. Secondly, you can get different flavors for each floor. In this way, everyone will be happy with the cake and you will have a selection of flavors at the party.

Fruit cake 

Only a handful of people enjoy fruitcakes. However, if you are a fan, then you should definitely get one for your bridal shower. Especially if you are hosting a Sammar bridal shower, it will be the perfect choice for the cake. You can get the cake decorated with your favorite fruits.

Along with that, you can get beach-stylebeach-style shower invitations!!

Ending note

Getting the perfect party cake is a difficult task. However, we have curated a guide for you with a lot of different choices. Do not fall into any peer pressure and get the flavor that you want at the party (we vote for chocolate cake).


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