A.C.E (에이스) is a Korean boy group made up of five members named, Donghun, Jun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan and Chan formed by Beat Interactive. A.C.E stands for Adventure Calling Emotions. On May 23, 2017, the group debuted with the single “Cactus”.

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A.C.E Band Member Profile

A.C.E Profile
A.C.E Band Total Members5
A.C.E Members1. Donghun
2. Wow
3. Jun
4. Kim Byeongkwan
5. Chan
Band OriginSeoul, South Korea
Band GenresK-pop
Social Links Contacts
Social Popularity Links of BandFacebook, Instagram, Twitter
Image Credit: Instagram

A.C.E Members

  • Donghun (동훈) – Main vocal
  • Wow (와우) – Main dancer, vocal, rap
  • Jun (준) – Leader, lead vocal, lead dancer
  • Kim Byeongkwan (김병관, formerly known as Jason) – Main dancer, vocal, rap
  • Chan (찬) – Main vocal
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