Crypto gaming is an emerging industry. People are starting to realise that they are able to massively increase their crypto portfolios by using these gaming websites, which yield huge pay-outs.

If you intend on getting involved in crypto gaming, then it’s absolutely essential that you do your research, and find the site that’s best for you. There are many different sites, some better than others.

You also need to take your security very seriously, which we will address in-depth in this article.

Here’s a detailed guide to the top Bitcoin casinos and crypto games:

Crypto Security


  • Crypto Security
  • Tech Support
  • Crypto Options
  • Best Bitcoin Casinos – 1. Bitstarz
  • Best Bitcoin Casinos – 2. 7Bit Casino
  • Best Bitcoin Casinos – 3. Red Dog Casino
  • Best Bitcoin Casinos – 4. CloudBet
  • What are the Best Bitcoin Casino Games?
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Whenever the subject of cryptocurrency comes up, it’s important to discuss security. Many people do not take the security of their crypto accounts seriously. This is a great shame, and quite frequently, results in them losing their crypto holdings to thieves. In order to ensure that this does not happen to you, you should store your crypto in an offline wallet, and you should keep your wallet’s password safe, never revealing it to anybody. You should also never store your crypto holdings in a platform’s online wallet, especially if you are using an online casino.

Tech Support

Another important feature to look for when you are looking for a crypto casino to use is dedicated tech and customer support. There are lots that can go wrong when it comes to depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from a casino. It’s also crucial that you find a crypto casino that offers speedy withdrawal and deposit times. Nobody wants to have to wait several days for their funds to show up so that they can play, or so that they can access their money. Fortunately, many crypto casinos do offer fast withdrawal and deposit times, so this isn’t much of a problem.

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Crypto Options

This article’s focus will be on casinos that allow users to play with their Bitcoins, but it is still important to look around and try to find a casino that enables you to play with other cryptocurrencies. Not everybody likes to gamble with their Bitcoin, because it is so valuable, and its price is constantly increasing. Many major crypto casinos will also enable you to make deposits in XRP and Ethereum. Others will allow you to play with more. Whatever crypto you hold, make sure that the casino you are choosing to play with allows you to play with that crypto.

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Best Bitcoin Casinos – 1. Bitstarz

Bitstarz is consistently ranked as the internet’s number one crypto casino. According to this source, it is because it offers users over 3,000 games, attractive welcome bonuses, and accepts a range of cryptocurrencies, including, most importantly, Bitcoin. In addition to all of this, the casino has over 50 provably fair games. The biggest advantage to using Bitstarz is that it has a huge, diverse games catalogue. This means that there is something for everybody. BitStarz also holds a weekly slot tournament, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000.

Best Bitcoin Casinos – 2. 7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino’s main lure is its huge selection of games and the variety of those games. In addition, the casino also offers instant withdrawals, which is perfect for people who need to access their money immediately. Some casinos delay withdrawals, which makes accessing one’s money very complicated. In addition to fast withdrawals and a variety of games, the casino also offers daily slot races and doesn’t max out one’s limit on the first deposit bonus, as many other casinos do. 7Bit is one of the internet’s best-established Bitcoin casinos, enjoyed by thousands of users.

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Best Bitcoin Casinos – 3. Red Dog Casino

Red Dog Casino is a favourite among gamers who enjoy live games. In fact, it is considered by many to be the best Bitcoin casino for live games, like roulette. The casino’s games aren’t just limited to roulette, however. There are 13 live dealer options. Another advantage to this casino is its massive 245% welcome bonus for Bitcoin, mobile support, and the casino’s interface. Many online casinos are extremely difficult to navigate, especially for people who aren’t internet savvy. Red Dog Casino is, however, very easy to use. It also has reliable and dedicated customer support.

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Best Bitcoin Casinos – 4. CloudBet

The one thing lacking in many Bitcoin casinos is sports betting. This is where CloudBet, one of the internet’s most popular Bitcoin casinos comes in. CloudBet has thousands of games, in addition to 60+ eSports betting markets. It also offers a sizable welcome bonus, perfect for players who want to maximise the amount of money that they have to play with. CloudBet receives consistently good reviews, both on Google and on independent review sites. One of the main downsides to CloudBet is that many players require a VPN in order to be able to use it.

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What are the Best Bitcoin Casino Games?

Everybody has their own favourite game, but some are ranked better than others. It’s important to make clear here that Bitcoin casino games are no different to those that one would find on a traditional online casino, or in an actual casino for that matter. Some of the most popular games are:

  • Poker is without a doubt the world’s most popular gambling game. Entire books have been written on the subject of poker, in order to teach new players how to master it.
  • Roulette is also a very popular game and is perhaps the most popular on most online casinos as far as live dealer games are concerned. Roulette isn’t just a live dealer game, however. It can also be played against the computer.
  • Blackjack is a favourite among many online gamers and is always popular in live dealer games. Blackjack can, like roulette, also be played against the computer. The game is very easy to master, which makes it a favourite for beginners.
  • Slots are very popular, in real casinos and online. Slots are very unpredictable, which appeals to hardcore gamblers that like taking risks. They can have very big rewards.
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If you enjoy gaming, then why not try crypto gambling? You can win very sizable prizes if you play carefully. Make sure that you gamble within your limits and never spend more than you can afford to lose.


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