There is a plethora of bird food options available for all kind of bird diets. According to recent studies, more than 100 bird species usually rely on a natural diet. It can be very difficult to choose the best bird food brand for your birdies as there are full scaled aisle at the pet store for it.


If you’re scratching your head regarding which of the multiple bird food brands to choose from here, we can help you get the best one and also give you some tips.

Peanut Butter

Not only do kids, humans and even dogs but birds too love peanut butter. It has a high fat concentrate and is definitely and safe and fun to eat. We would suggest you to opt for the the nuttier versions as it is easier for birds to pick the nuts from the spoon. You could also add some cornmeal and make it more easier for birds to consume it.

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Apart form peanut butter you can also feed your birds peanuts. Make sure the nuts are split for an easier feed. The best thing about peanuts are that they are high in fat and great in protein. You could also attract some squirrels. If you dont want to attract squirrels you could only put the seed os bunche sof two or three heaps. You can also choose a squirrelproof feeder. You could expect osme beautiful birds such as blue jays, chicakdees, nuthatches, titmice and cardinals.

Whole Mixed Grain

A great option for a mess-free approach towards bird feeding. They come in all flavours and shapes are available at Daves pet and Garden Supplies. Our recommendation is Allora Grain and Milling Whole Mixed Grain is suitable to be fed to all Poultry from 18 weeks of age. This product is not a complete feed and should be fed in conjunction with sources of minerals, vitamin and trace minerals. The birds should have unlimited access to the feed as well as clean, cool fresh water available at all times.

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Fruit blend bird food

There are a few exotic birds that love a blend of dried fruits in their nuts. These bird food mixes usually contain sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts and fruits. Birds from the Amazon love these fruit blend meixes adn you can go a long way using them.

Safflower Seeds

Safflower is a great option for bird feeding, especially if you have squirrel and pest issues. This is often labeled a “problem solver” seed for many bird watchers! Safflower seeds are bitter and don’t attract squirrels. It also has a thick shell, which makes it difficult for annoying birds such as house sparrows, starlings, and grackles to enter.

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Black Oil Sunflower

This is the best birdseed money can buy. Buy sunflower seeds with black oil especially if you are starting to feed birds. Black Oil Sunflower bird seed attracts the largest variety of birds than the sunflower seed. It has a thin shell that birds can get into and a high fat and protein content for them.


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