Facing various kinds of problems or errors with DNA activation is the most common problem that ancestry users face. Then if you want to know the problems then below, I am sharing the problem with the solution so that you can easily do the DNA test. So let’s begin with the complete guide


Troubleshooting of the DNA Activation for the process of Sign in

  • In case you have forgotten the password then in that case you can try for the reset of the password. Where the verification code is sent to your mobile phone or your email address.
  • Most of the time you forget your username for the account of the DNA ancestry activation So first find your email which you used when you order ancestry kit. Then you can enter your email address.
  • If you are the user of the ancestry then first of all you need to sign up with another email address. In case you already have an account, please create another email address. As it I totally free of cost.
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How To Activation Problems When You Try To Activate Ancestry Account


  • How To Activation Problems When You Try To Activate Ancestry Account
  • How TO Get Activation Email (No activation confirmation email)
  • Final Verdict
  • Code is the main problem that users face. Most of the time the code doesn’t work and it may be due to various reasons. It may be due to the dashes in the code, which doesn’t have 15 characters and it should contain the alternating letters and the numbers. In case you have done these things and still, your code will not work then feel free to contact us.
  • Activation codes may get lost sometimes. Make sure that if you mailed the code in your sample and still it is no longer the packet of the instruction. Then you can directly contact us. We will try to find your lost code.
  • Sometimes, you will see a blank page or an error on the page of the DNA Ancestry. For that, you have to try clearing your cache or clearing your cookies and then it again or refresh the page.
  • Now let me tell you what exactly is the activation code. It is the code that connects a DNA test to an account of Ancestry. In case, your ancestry test did not get activated and the code is permanently lost. Then we will send you another test and replace your kit. There is no need to pay any amount for that.
  • Once we replace your kit with the sample then you can activate your kit yourself without taking help from others.
  • As we have discussed above that the code is the combination of the letters and the numbers. You can see the activation code printed on the tube or on the instruction packet of your kit.
  • After the test, you need to check the status of your test then there is no need to enter the activation code. You can check your status from the homepage of your DNA by just signing in to the DNA account.
  • It’s the time to enter your birth year. Make sure you will not enter your day or month.
  • Most of the time you are unable to click on the button when you activate the test. Keep one thing in mind there is no error on the DNA ancestry page. You can also clear your cache and cookies so that the button can work easily.
  • When you activate your DNA Ancestry kit then you can easily change your general details like the display name, date of birth, gender, or any other information when you activate it from the homepage of the DNA.
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Main Problems that are faced by the user with the kit

  • The main problem with the kit is the release of the blue solution from the container. For that, you have to remove the cap of the container and then twist it on again tightly. In case, the blue solution comes out from the container then you can contact us and make the request to replace the ancestry kit.
  • Usually, the plastic bag gets lost. In that case, please keep the test in the bag of Ziploc and again place the bag in the return mailer. So there are low chances of losing the bag.
  • Due to various issues, the test may get lost or sometimes get damaged. We will send another ancestry test kit for free. Feel free to contact us and we will replace the lost or damaged kit.
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How TO Get Activation Email (No activation confirmation email)

For the activation of the test, you will get the confirmation mail of your activation process. You can check through singing your account and then click on the tab of the DNA. This will help you to see your test either is activated or not.

Once you click on the DNA tab then you have to click on the Ancestry DNA or your DNA Result summary. This will show you the exact result of your test.

To check the DNA activation process, if the page shows the DNA ad and your name that is given in the top-right corner, that means that the test may not have been activated. You need to again go through the process.

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If the page shows you the status bar with the word that is highlighted Activated. Then your test was activated successfully. You need to share your correct email address so that we can send the file to you.

Final Verdict

Without wasting a single second, please have a complete look at the article. We hope now you are aware of the problems that are faced by the ancestry user. In this article, we have shared the main problem and the solution also so that you can perform the ancestry test safely. Do not forget to share your experience with us by commenting below in the comment selection.

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