The print on demand business is a business through which you can sell custom designed products. This business model lets you have the liberty of getting your own designs printed on different products ranging from pens to mugs to apparel and even car bumpers! First, you need to get a supplier on board. Every time a customer places an order, the supplier will be notified and get your products ready to be shipped and delivered to the customers. The suppliers are provided with customer details and have to handle the responsibility of getting the products shipped and delivered to the customers.

It has been found that the print on demand business model has now become an industry of its own. The store owner does not need to hold any stock or inventory for running the business. All you have to do is, showcase your products that the audience can choose from, and do the marketing. Rest of the stages involved in the purchasing process, that is, notifying the supplier and managing customer services and marketing of your brand, can be done with the help of automation tools.

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If you are planning to buy the print on demand website, there are many options available on Exchange marketplace. Exchange marketplace is a great platform for buying and selling print on demand websites and drop shipping websites. It provides you with all the necessary details to make an informed purchasing decision.

Here is one great print on demand website you may want to check out. It is an established business and an ideal inspiration to keep in mind if you plan to invest in and buy the print on demand website.

KGM Collective

kgm collective

KGM collective is a men’s targeted casual clothing brand which has a strong customer following across 56 countries. The brand boasts of designs that are iconic to the business. The designs have either been attributed to in-house designers or have been outsourced with full copyright procedures and agreements in place. Inspired by a backpacking trip through Europe, this brand has largely been about summer vibes and has managed to build a strong business affinity with the customers. Their products come from a UK based print on demand company.

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Their product range is vast and exclusive. Offering T-shirts in different sleeve lengths, sweatshirts, hats, and shirts in a variety of sleeve lengths, this brand offers some of the most tastefully designed products. Your audience can easily make a purchase for their choice of garments on their easily navigable website. There is a separate section where the customers can check out the best selling pieces and another where they can take a look at the newly arrived set of products. Customers can also check the limited edition items offered by the brand.

The brand has drawn a huge base of customers from across the world and has managed to build a good brand identity. They hold a strong relationship with their suppliers based in the UK. KGM collective has managed to touch a conversion rate of 4.95% in the last 6 months, which sometimes tends to touch 7% on good days.

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The average monthly revenue for KGM collective stands at $ 18,170. This brand has managed to gain average monthly profits of $ 4,686 at a profit margin of 20%. The traffic for the brand, ever since its inception, has touched 326,331 sessions in totality. They have been getting more than 12,000 visits on a monthly basis. Some of these being through search, while the rest of them coming through Instagram and Facebook. It has also managed to outdo the industry conversion rate of 2%, at 4.95%.

If you are someone looking to buy the print on demand website, this may be a good option for you. KGM collective is available for sale at $ 90,000. This is inclusive of a month of personal support via email and phone, that too on a 24/7 basis. They will also provide access to their automated customer services and suppliers. You will also get to access their social media accounts on buying this website. They have a huge list of emails with 10,500 subscribers. Access to around 70,000 social media followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter comes as a part of the package. The best thing is that you will need to devote only 7 hours a week to run this business. To check out other print on demand websites, just head over to ExchangeMarketplace!

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