Online education has a lot of benefits for students across the world. The improvement and evolution in the field of Technology has brought forward the use of online learning system through which students have been provided with an opportunity to avail good quality teaching and take part in the exchange of knowledge.Through the use of LMS portals, it has become possible for students to take part in the online Revolution and avail good quality learning from various educator’s across the globe. The internet has provided students from the underprivileged section of the society in the Indian subcontinent to fulfill their dreams of gaining more knowledge.

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Through the use of this online medium and the availability of internet connection students from the backward sections of the community have been able to find guidance for their studies and also hope for a better tomorrow. the start of the covid-19 pandemic can be considered as a major push for their educational sector in India as it inspired the school authorities and students to take part in the revolution so that they can continue with their studies.Online learning can be facilitated with the use of education applications of classroom applications the students even have the opportunity to make use of live video call to communicate directly with the educators.

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educators who are teaching independently without the help of any private institution have provided the students with the Talati of directly contacting them and having a face to face chat so that they can better understand the subject. Hence, it can be stated that the online forum has provided the students with an opportunity to explore the world of creativity and innovation and work towards fulfilling their dreams.

The start of the digital process in India has played a significant role in making people aware of the websites available when it comes to online education. Most importantly, it has an appeal to the people to become more aware of the benefits of the internet and how they can enhance the educational life of the students. Therefore, it can be stated that through the use of this online medium students have found to improve in their everyday studies and show better results.

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Impact of online education


The impact of online education is far reaching and has already proven its importance in the Indian subcontinent. When the pandemic started and schools and all other educational institutions that flowed across the country, it was the school management in college management that came together to find the solution. the solution that was selected was a online teaching where the students would be able to communicate with the teachers to the use of a technical medium such as a Tablet or a smartphone. in this way, it will become easier for the organizations to continue their education process of the students and ensure that the future is not wasted.

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However, it was soon realized that due to the economic disparity present in the country it became impossible for students belonging to financially difficult backgrounds to avail the benefits of online education. The lack of any technical device and their inability to buy the internet connection made it difficult for the children to attend schools and as a result they were forced to leave schools and remain in their homes. It was in this situation that the government of India came forward along with several other non profit organizations and with some private Enterprises who promised to help the students out and ensure that they were not being deprived of the benefits that are provided by online education and unable to Attend their schools.

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Efforts taken by this group of people helped the students have the basic necessities which are required. The governments played an important role in providing the students with tablets and Smartphones along with free internet connection so that they can take part in the online education revolution that was taking place in the country. Moreover, the students were also provided with the benefit of attending classes free of cost on the internet and getting guidance in the subjects. Hence, all of these factors outline the importance of online education for the underprivileged.


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