Saving your income always help when you think to invest somewhere or just for hard times in the future.

There are many accounting firms that can take care of your personal income management but their cost can be high if you live in countries like Australia, Canada, and others, However, not all accounting firms are expensive but some accounting firms are completely online like WebtaxOnline. 

But Don’t Worry, There are some android & iPhone Apps that you can use to manage your personal income and save as much as you can for the future.

In this article, we’ve selected the best apps for your personal accounting.

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MINT – From Intuit


  • MINT – From Intuit
  • Acrons

Mint is developed by the leading company in accounting called Intuit and the favorite personal accounting app of more than 22 million mobile users; the best feature of the mint is automatic sync with the bank account that pulls data from your bank so you can make decisions and check your credit score.



Platform type

Mobile and browser-based


iOS (including Apple Watch), Android, Windows Phone and Amazon

Automatic account syncing


Bill tracking


Free credit score



Acrons isn’t really an accounting app but it helps in saving income a lot especially for students and employees who want to save little on all spending, The app works this way for suppose if I buy something for $3.5 then this app will automatically cut $0.5 from my account then total charges will be $4 for item that I bought.  If you’re a student and have valid .edu email then you can get this app for free for 12 months.

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Account minimum

$0 to open an account; $5 required to start investing

Account management fee

·  $1 a month for the taxable investment account

·  $2 a month for IRA account and investment account

·  $3 a month for checking account plus investment and retirement accounts

Investment expense ratios

Exchange-traded fund expense ratios average 0.10%

Account fees (annual, transfer, closing)


Portfolio mix

ETFs from up to seven asset classes

Accounts supported

·  Individual non-retirement accounts

·  Roth and traditional IRAs

Tax strategy

Not available

Automatic rebalancing

Free on all accounts

Human advisor option

Not available


The app’s Potential tool lets you adjust the dollar amount invested to see how your total investments will grow over time

Customer support options (includes website transparency)

Phone, email and in-app chat support. Response time is up to 48 hours, but a lot of information easily available on the website


Free for college students with a valid .edu email address for up to four years from the sign-up date


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