Roblox is easily one of the most popular video games among kids. According to Wikipedia, more than half of all kids under 16 in the United States play Roblox. There are, however, certain Roblox games that children should avoid playing alone or with their friends.

Yes, we’re talking about Roblox games that are intended for adults. If you enjoy playing Roblox games with adult themes, the following list of 18+ Roblox titles will surely make you smile.

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Roblox Games For Adults

Shedletsky’s Dirty Place

  • The ‘Shedletsky’s Dirty Place’ is a Roblox game with adult themes.
  • The only reason we want kids to avoid playing this 18+ Roblox game is because it contains a lot of adult activities that might result in significant issues.
  • In this game, when children walk into the house to play, they are greeted with a terrible dream that they do not understand but has a negative influence on their academic performance.
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Shower Simulator

  • Regardless of their gender, players in this game shower together. Participants must wear a swimsuit when they enter the shower room since it is not suitable for children to see.
  • It also contains some intimate and sexual moments and conversations between the participants, which is not all.

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Dance Club

  • The game has a lot of steamy material, which is not suitable for persons under the age of 16.
  • If you enjoy playing Roblox adult games, this is definitely for you, but if you’re a youngster, please stop reading now. The only reason why we don’t want children to play this Roblox game is it involves some nasty moves.
  • If you play this game, you will witness plenty of sizzling moves and erotic scenes between participants.
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Survive the killers

  • This Roblox game might not have any sizzling or sultry moves but it does have a lot of violence, which children should not watch.
  • In the game, players are given deadly weapons to kill their fellow players. We all know killing enemies in a video game is quite common but the animation used in this Roblox game is pathetic, making it inappropriate for children.
  • There is a serial killer in this game, who is looking for a kid. When he finds out the boy, he brutally kills him in the game.

Obby Games

  • Unlike the previous two examples, Obby Games offers several interconnected pages, where kids are supposed to complete activities and progress from one location to another.
  • Each page has its own unique activity that youngsters must perform in order to continue in the game.
  • After achieving a particular level in Obby Games, kids are presented with some frightening toys on each page.
  • Children will have to see many monsters and scary toys in order to finish these challenges, which might frighten them.
  • These are five Roblox games for adults that you should avoid playing with your kids.
  • If you’re an adult who enjoys playing Roblox games with steamy and spicy situations, bookmark this page because we’ll add the list to weekly basis.
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