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For online casino addicts, knowing that there’s something called “casino etiquette” may sound strange. Don’t get thrown out of a casino just because it’s your first time, and you have failed to make proper findings on how to be on your best behavior when you are around the top guns of the casino world. Below are tips to help you understand key casino etiquettes.

  1. Appearance is Key

While you can be in your underwear while experiencing some interesting casino moments on some of the best online casinos, like 21 Casino, it is important to dress the part if you ever visiting a live casino. The rules regarding appearance may vary depending on the casino.

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You may find some very good casinos allowing casual dressing, while the classic “underbellies” would prefer you to appear in black ties, or at least very formal. Knowing what dress rule applies to which casino may be confusing. In any case, try to achieve a semi-formal appearance, at least to fit in.

  1. Search for the Smoke and Drinking Signs

Contrary to the movies you’ve seen with a thick cloud of smoke handing over the blackjack table, and cups filled with well-aged whisky, some casinos have very strict rules regarding all these. It is important to inquire about whether or not smoking is allowed before you light up your cigar.

Also, if you are certain smoking and drinking are allowed, drink only what you can handle, or you may just run the risk of getting kicked out. Games like “brick and mortar” allow players to drink and eat, but this isn’t same for all games. It is critical to have a cup holder for your drink and avoid eating smelly foods. The entire goal here is to observe total table manners.

  1. Buy Your Chips with Class
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A casino is not an auction house where you throw money up in the sky. If you need to buy chips, please don’t go to the dealer with cash. Your first assignment in a casino is to understand the minimum and maximum bets for the table. Once you have this fact, place the cash equivalent of your bet on the table, and the dealer will politely walk up to you and hand you your chips.

Never forget to be classy with your chips. As a gentleman or lady at the casino, once you decide the number of chips you are betting, place them on the table, and don’t touch them again. You are not allowed to change your mind at the last minute, so stick with your decision.

  1. Keep Your Phones and Selfie Stick Out
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It is considered highly impolite to have your phone ringing out loud or taking selfies while at a table with others in any casino. In some casinos, there is an outright ban on smartphones on the table or near any machine.

It’s either they are completely silent, or you leave them at home if you can. Why would you want to stay glued to your phone when you can have maximum live fun in a casino instead? Also, while some casinos might have flexible rules for taking pictures, others are very strict with their no pictures policy. Make sure you ask before your snapping sprees.

  1. Tip the Dealer But Don’t Ask for Help.
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Gambling is all about the vibes, and tipping is an essential part of it. Tipping your dealer isn’t mandatory in any way, but it is widely considered a great gambling etiquette that may bring luck to you. However, it is not only the dealers you should tip, don’t forget the slot attendant, wait staff, and even the keno runner.

While it is great to tip, it is rude to ask for a dealer’s help after or before tipping. You are expected to have mastered your games and the necessary rules that apply to the “big men” casino tables. Besides, asking for tips is considered cheating as it puts you at an advantage over other players.

  1. Don’t Forget the Hand Signals.
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There are some casino games, like blackjack, that require the knowledge of specific hand signals. While you may find dealers who are ready to run you through the signals, they are not there to teach you. Therefore, it is important to learn pretty fast so as not to offend other players. You may do preliminary research before you sit at the table to avoid embarrassment.


Don’t be overwhelmed. These etiquettes are not demanding in any way. They are manners you would naturally observe at a dinner table, and they are just there to increase your overall casino experience. Have fun!

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