People have their say regarding these. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencyhave created a surge in the money market, click here to visit website. And because of this, lots of myths follow the same. Let a dig a bit to understand the myths and facts related to the same.


Myth 1

Bitcoin users can stay anonymous

Well, people do believe that bitcoin investors can stay anonymous. But this is a complete myth.


Whenever they invest in bitcoins,Bitcoin investors always follow a pattern in regards to blockchain. Of course, when they look for availing the exchange medium, they need to submit all their records for security purposes. This is because if anyone wants to trace, the investor can do that easily with the help of the documents. Therefore, you can understand that no one is outside the eye of the law.

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Myth 2

Using bitcoin as credit cards

Well, people believe that bitcoins are the upcoming credit cards because they can help process large credit in the wink of an eye.


As per the fact, bitcoin has a huge network covering the entire globe; therefore, you can’t expect that to work too fast. Additionally, you are also required to submit the fee for processing the same.

Myth 3

Work as scheme like Ponzi

People have this false notion that it is similar to the Ponzi scheme.


This is different from the Ponzi scheme because no centralized body controls consumption or production. Anyone can buy or sell any value of Bitcoin at any time of the day using the blockchain system.

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Myth 4

Bitcoin is costly


The cost of one bitcoin roundis up to 6000 dollars. Therefore you can see that the exchange rate is quite high. However, if it seems too costly, you can invest in a fraction of the bitcoin at a low rate instead of buying the entire coin.

Myth 5

Illegal in nature

As per people, bitcoin refers to all sorts of unlawful activities and has thoughts that this hasa connection to black markets.


Remember, when you talk about illegitimate work, it can be donewith fiat money. So it’s not the medium that is plays a significant role here. Rather it falls on the people who are likely to do so. Bitcoins also need to follow certain rules, and one has to abide by them to stay secure.

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Myth 6

Bitcoin investors can face scams and theft

Bitcoin investors often doubt that someday they will be scammed, and such insecurity is because of the documents they submitted to the exchange. Somehow they feel that bitcoin is intervening in their privacy.


However, the above said is not true because bitcoin offers complete security to the investors. In a way, it is moresecure compared to fiat money. Note that the complex blockchain systemmakes it impossible for any fraud person to access personal information and tamper with them to steal capital.

Myth 7

Bitcoin is not suitable for making payments

People think that bitcoin can’t be used to make any transaction like for paying online.

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However, that is again a myth because some popular online shops like Expedia, Shopify stores, Microsoft accept Bitcoin. To add easiness in transactions some of the countries also approve Bitcoin-basedATMs.You can find more than 3000 ATMs all over the world. Here one can change both hard cash and bitcoin.

Myth 8

Cryptocurrencywon’t last for long

Whenever something new entered the market, there were rumours that it won’t last for long. Soit did happen with Crypto.


However, crypto as a digital currency is the future. It is not a fad, and the trend will continue to exist.

Myth 9

Bitcoin creator is behind the bars

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Bitcoin came into the forefront due to the effort of the man Craig Wright, and as per the report, police raided his house. T was believed Satoshi Nakamoto hacked the email of the creator. Rumours spread that Craig Wright preplanned it to get attention.


Satoshi Nakamoto is a scientist who researches computers and is a resident of California.

Final say

These are underlined myths and facts quoted about bitcoin. After going through this, you can try trading on, the advanced bitcoin app.



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