WhatsApp Messenger is a great application for interacting with your business colleagues, friends, relatives etc. through messages. Almost every smartphone user use WhatsApp.Although WhatsApp messenger is a great messaging application which is absolutely free there are some limitations in WhatsApp messenger. Which you can solve using GB WhatsApp this article will guide you on how to Download GB WhatsApp APK.

Download gb WhatsApp APK

There are a very limited amount of options and features available in the application. If you are looking for a way to enhance your experience while using WhatsApp then you are in the right place.

Today, we will be taking a look at GBWhatsApp. We will be telling the benefits of GB WhatsApp over normal WhatsApp messenger and we will be also providing a complete guide which will help you to Download GB WhatsApp APK for Android.

Why GB WhatsApp over ordinary WhatsApp messenger?


  • Why GB WhatsApp over ordinary WhatsApp messenger?
  • Download GB WhatsApp APK for Android
  • Steps to Download and install GB Whatsapp APK for Android:
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Well, there are many reasons of GB WhatsApp being better than the Ordinary WhatsApp Messenger. The pros of GB WhatsApp over ordinary WhatsApp messenger are mentioned below:

  • You can add and use more than 1 account by installing GB WhatsApp on your android phone. In ordinary WhatsApp, you can use only 1 account.
  • Another great feature of GB WhatsApp is that you can talk with someone on WhatsApp call and sent messages to any other person simultaneously. You don’t get any such feature in ordinary WhatsApp.
  • You get a lot of themes options by using GB WhatsApp. It means that the Themes are completely customizable.
  • The fact that you may like the most about GB WhatsApp is that it lets you send and receive images with the exact quality. Ordinary WhatsApp degrades the quality of the image which creates a message at sometimes.
  • GB WhatsApp also provides some more customizable options other than themes, it makes the user capable of changing the MODs of visuals, size, and color of the image or text that you send to the other person.
  • The most useful feature of GB WhatsApp is that it lets you hide your last seen to some specific sort of contacts from your phone book.
  • The one really bad thing about ordinary WhatsApp messenger is that when someone calls you, it pops up on the whole screen. This is very disturbing when you are busy playing games or watching videos. GB Whatsapp allow you to disable incoming calls from some specific users from your phone book.
  • GB WhatsApp is also capable of sending a broadcast message to 600 different people from your phone book whereas this number is limited to 250 only in ordinary WhatsApp messenger.
  • You also get an option to change the simple ticks sign to bubbles which shows whether your message has been sent, delivered or reader by the receiver.
  • The GB WhatsApp also does have an inbuilt feature which lets you change the icon of the application.
  • You can even read the messages and see the photos which the sender has deleted.
  • You can even see the last seen of anyone from your contact list without even going online.

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These are the reasons why you should download GB WhatsApp on your Android phones instead of using the ordinary WhatsApp. Now, once you have decided to switch to GB WhatsApp. It is time to discuss the procedure that will be needed to Download GB WhatsApp APK for android.

Download GB WhatsApp APK for Android

The process to download and install GB WhatsApp APK for Android is pretty simple. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. Downloading and installing GB WhatsApp is absolutely free.

GB WhatsApp is a modern version of an ordinary Whatsapp messenger and that is the reason why it is not available on the Google play store.

The procedure to download and install GB WhatsApp APKfor Android is provided below.

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Steps to Download and install GB Whatsapp APK for Android:

Step 1- Go to the system settings of your android phone and make sure that unknown sources are turned on. If not, then turn it on as it will allow you to install the application from unknown sources.

Step 2- Go to the link given below and download the GB WhatsApp APK for your Android phones. The speed of downloading process will depend upon the speed of your internet connection.

Link to download GB Whatsapp- https://m.apkpure.com/gbwhatsapp/com.DualdyalWH.odakchi

Step 3- Once the APK file has been downloaded, simply open the file and click on the install button. The installation process may take some time. After the application is installed, you will be able to use GB WhatsApp without any hassle.

This was a tutorial to download GB WhatsApp APK for Android. Now, you will be able to access all the premium features of GB WhatsApp along with a huge themes collection to customize and make your WhatsApp application look as per your preference.

Your experience of using WhatsApp messenger will be enhanced now.


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