If you’re looking for every single slot machine tip in the world, you won’t find it here. This guide focuses on tried and true ways to increase your chances of winning when you choose games to play. You won’t find any of the generic tips like “quit while you’re ahead,” which you can get everywhere else online.


The author poured through a myriad of slot machine tips and tricks. This effort yielded a list of simple, yet very helpful ways of improving your prospects. Look no farther than this guide if you want to know all about choosing the right machine.

Start with the Playthrough


  • Start with the Playthrough
  • Finding the Best Machine
  • All About the RTP
  • Choose Classic Over Video Slots
  • Use no Deposit Bonuses
  • Avoid Progressive Slots
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Also known as the wagering requirement, this is a number that determines how much you need to bet before your bonus can be released. As gambling laws differ from state to state, the bonuses and perks of a casino in one state might not exist in another, even if the location belongs to the same operator. The good news is that US gaming allows access to some great promotions and bonuses. The playthrough should be a maximum of 10x. A playthrough of 5x means you would need to bet $50 to claim a bonus of $10.

Finding the Best Machine

Finding the right slot machine to play is the best way to enjoy the highest odds. You must have heard that popular slot games are best avoided. Some claim that these games come with a very low payout rate, perhaps even the lowest of all the games in the casino. That’s not true. You just need to learn how to spot the best ones regardless of whether you play online casino slots for free or for real money. Many beginners make the mistake of assuming that all slot machines are the same apart from bonus rounds, features, and design.

All About the RTP

The secret, if you can call it that, is in the return to player rate. This is a percentage of all the bets made on a machine that it returns to gamblers. It doesn’t show what your chances of winning a bonus are. It’s also not how much you’ll get back in proportion to how much you bet. To get a slot’s RTP, do a Google search of the name of the slot plus “return to player rate”.

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If you get different numbers on different sites, take the one on a reliable review site rather than that on the producer or casino’s site as closer to the truth. You can’t hope for absolute accuracy. A lot of casino news sites have whole sections on the return to player rates of the games they review. In most cases, the rate is between 90% and 97%. Always choose machines with at least 96%. This is the smartest strategy because your chances of winning increase with a high payback rate.

Choose Classic Over Video Slots

Classic reel slots always offer better payout than their modern counterparts, video slots. This is because they take up more space and casinos spend more money to operate and maintain them.

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Use no Deposit Bonuses

You can’t lose by taking a no deposit bonus. These bonuses let players make money without spending any. They are becoming more common as competition between casinos gets more severe.

Avoid Progressive Slots

Resisting the temptation to try your luck with these can be hard, especially if you’re new to online slots. This is because they look exciting and promise huge prizes. However, they might not be the best choice if your budget is limited and you’re not indifferent to your chances of winning. Progressive slots have some of the lowest return-to-player rates in the industry. Your odds are pretty slim. What’s more, you need to make the highest possible bet to win the biggest prizes, which means you might lose more than you can afford to before even getting close to winning.

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