Do you feel that your Microsoft Outlook account has considerably slowed down and is basically crawling? Even the simple email components like Send / Receive and others are not working as required? This may be due to the fact that your mailbox has been flooded up to the brim. You should check the size of your mailbox. You will be shocked to see how much space your emails are taking up.

To check storage usage by emails in Outlook, you can follow the following steps:-
Click on File, then Click on Folder and the Properties. Here you will find the option to check storage. You can also simply right click on any folder and click on properties. This will help you to check the storage space used by a specific folder along with its subfolders.

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Microsoft Outlook

How to Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook


  • How to Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365 Archive

If you don’t know already, Outlook has an auto-archive function which is used to backup your emails regularly. The Auto Archive function is by default set to perform automatic backups of

  • Deleted Items
  • Sent Items
  • Calendar Items and
  • Expired Tasks.

This feature is generally used for people. But if you are someone who receives more than hundreds of Emails every day and you don’t move these Emails from your mailbox, there is a risk of damaging your account. If your Microsoft Outlook Mailbox storage space exceeds two gigabytes due to an overstuffed inbox then Outlook starts to lag and run slower than ever.

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However severe this problem may look, it is indeed solvable if you follow the following few steps.

Step 1: First you have to create a local folder or a Personal Folder file with a .pst extension which will be used to hold your archived emails from Microsoft Outlook. Now, Right Click on the heading titled “On My Computer” which is situated at the lowermost section of the folder list. Now choose New Folder and give it a suitable name like Archived Mail or something similar that can be easily recognized by anyone. If you have an older version of Microsoft Outlook, then you have to select File option from the top ribbon and then select Archive. Now, you can change the date in the section titled “Archive items older than”.

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Step 2: Now, you have to create a new Archiving Rule which will direct Microsoft Outlook to archive emails to the folder you have created in the first step. For achieving this, you have to select the tools option from the top ribbon and then select rules. Now, in the section titled “On My Computer” select the option named Exchange. Now, click on the plus (+) option near the lowermost section of the window. This will create a new rule. Now you have to give this rule a name. You should give it an easily recognizable and meaningful name like “90 days, Automatic Archive”.

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Step 3: If you have followed all the steps in Step one and two, you have to set up a limit and a destination for Microsoft outlook archive emails to be eligible for archival. To set up these things, you have to go to the “When a new message arrives” menu and alter the values for the Date received field to almost 120 days to 180 days according to your preference. You can also choose a shorter span of 90 days depending on your usage scenario. After changing the Date Received field, head to the “Do the Following” field and change it to a predetermined action for example “Move Message + Archived Mail”. Now, for these changes to take effect, you have to select the checkbox which says Enabled and then clicks on OK. If you have an older version of Microsoft Outlook, then you have to go to the tools menu in the top ribbon and go to options. Here, under a section titled “Other”, clicking Auto Archive will bring up a similar set of options as shown earlier.

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Step 4: Now that we have created a new rule for archiving emails in Microsoft Outlook, now we have to actually implement it by running the new rule on all of the existing email folders. If you have set the rule in such a way that all of the emails which are older than six months will be archived, you shouldn’t let old emails which were received before six months before implementation of the rule to clog up your mailbox. To archive mail outlook, first you have to select the email folder which you want to be archived and then click on Messages and then under rules, click on the existing rule you have created before. Now click on Auto Archive and patiently wait for your age-old emails to be archived and your email inbox will reorganize itself. Note that you have to manually perform this archival for all of the email folders for your Microsoft outlook archive to be created. Also note that, for archival, Outlook looks at the Last Modified Date for the Emails rather than the received date.

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Step 5: Now that all of the email archives are created, what should you do to access your archived mail outlook? It’s simple, just see the left-hand column of the folders. There, under the list of a bunch of Personal .pst files along with all of the other email folders. Now that these emails are archived, they are not using up space in the mailbox and hence making your Microsoft Outlook Software a lot faster and more responsive than before.

Microsoft Office 365 Archive

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 account and you want to archive emails that are received there, you can use an exchange online archiving service like the one provided by This service is used to archived emails which are sent and received through Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Servers too! This is more useful for businesses which use hosted email servers instead of offline applications. Email archiving is an important task and services like office 365 email archiving make the process easier for the customers.

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