A legitimate essay writing service, if you need one, can sometimes be hard to come by. It’s not just the fact that there are a lot of scammer sites out there: it’s also because finding a service that knows how to write essays that won’t get you caught is difficult.


We’re going to go over the biggest tips for examining the best essay writers and the top services: and how to know and tell apart the scams from the legit ones. Let’s get started!

First, the Major Red Flags for Scams


  • First, the Major Red Flags for Scams
  • Biggest Indicators of Quality
  • Don’t Forget to Check Reviews
  • Test to See If You’d Like Their Work
  • Conclusion
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Before anything, it’s important that you know what the major red flags for scam essay writing services are. Look over the website that you’ve found carefully. Do they not ask for registration? It’s likely a scam.

Is there no way of communicating with the people writing the essays? Once again, likely a scam. If the reviews appear to be fake, or the pricing policy is not transparent, it can once again be a scam.

Pay careful attention to the details of the site, especially related to pay, the writers, the kind of content they produce, and the reviews (more on that later). These are the places where a scam is easiest to detect, in the beginning, before you go deeper in.

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Biggest Indicators of Quality

Now that we’ve reviewed the biggest signs and red flags, let’s look at what indicates quality rather than a scam. First of all, most of the biggest trustworthy essay writing services generally offer a refund if anything happens. These are legitimate businesses that pay taxes and have overhead: it’s not a fly-by-night corporation.

In addition to that, the site will have clear examples of what your essay may look like. Look for good writing and see if you’d like what they would produce.

It will show the word counts (and generally charge by them, or on a piece by piece basis), what the typical format would look like, and any changes or additions that you could request.

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If you’re not certain if a site is quality, don’t use it. You want to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re getting a plagiarism-free essay: which means using a service that takes that seriously and provides free plagiarism reports on any content they produce. Yes, professional services do that as well.

Of course, it’s important that you always check reviews no matter what, which means…

Don’t Forget to Check Reviews

Reviews are one of the most reliable things to check when using a corporation like an essay writing service. The best essay writers will not only feature great reviews, but have very few if at all negative reviews related to their platform.

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Read the reviews, too: don’t just check the scores. Pay attention to the things that people say. Do they mention fast service, good writing? Good customer service in the case of any kind of error or issue? These are the kind of things you’re looking for.

Professional essay writing services have reviews like these. They don’t have a ton of negative reviews – or even worse, no reviews at all. If you see a site like that, avoid, avoid, avoid.

Test to See If You’d Like Their Work

Finally, an easy way to make sure the service is good, and legitimate, is to order a very cheap paid test of work before ordering more. A high school essay is much cheaper to order than a five page college APA paper, just as an example.

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So find a cheap order that’s small enough that the money spent will not bother you, and try and get a more direct, detailed sample of what kind of thing they’d produce. By now, you should have a good idea of whether or not the place is a scam – this simply helps you identify the quality of the kind of writing that they would produce.

So you find that small test essay or paper and you order it. When you receive it, check the kind of writing that they give you. Review the quality, review the free plagiarism report. If you’re satisfied, feel free to go ahead and order the bigger piece that you’re really looking to be able to submit for a class or to a professor.

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Ultimately, as long as you do your research, you should be able to avoid any scams when trying to find legitimate essay writing services. Find the best service you can and use it to assist you when you need it the most.


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