Reviewing various kinds of texts is a big part of a college education. High school students who are about to start college are often worried about college-level reading as it can be very demanding especially when you have to get through long research papers to come up with your own work. These papers are not only very long but also have long sentences with difficult vocabulary and grammar, so it makes sense that someone who hasn’t had a lot of practice going through such texts is worried.


The good news, however, is that you can always improve your reading skills in college. It can take some time to get used to a high level of academic texts though. During that time, you can take some help with your essay writing work to ensure your assignments are submitted on time. Such help will let you work on your skills while your work is taken care of, giving you plenty of time to practice.

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When you have gotten your assignments taken care of, be sure to go through some tips and tricks to develop your academic analysis skills further. Doing some things on a regular basis can make a big difference to how you approach academic texts.

5 Tips for Developing College Reading Skills


  • 5 Tips for Developing College Reading Skills
  • Get Comfortable
  • Read A Summary
  • Highlight Words and Take Notes
  • Create A Summary
  • Have Some Discussions
  • Conclusion

Get Comfortable

First of all, find a place where you are comfortable to read. You cannot focus much in a loud classroom or a hectic dorm common room. Try places like the library or make a comfortable study corner in your room. Make sure that the light is right and there are no distractions. When you get a good balance of light, atmosphere, and location, you can start analyzing a text.

Read A Summary

Before diving into a long research paper or textbook, read the summary first. This will give you an idea of what to expect and prepare you for the kind of text that is inside the document. Consider this as an introduction to what you’re about to read.

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Highlight Words and Take Notes

Don’t be afraid of using a highlighter to mark the most important pieces of information you come across. You are not expected to remember what you are studying, so marking some important things will help a lot when you have to do your work based on this text. Also, you can always make little notes next to what you’re reviewing. These notes will help you later on when you don’t remember the context of something that you read.

Create A Summary

After getting through a tough piece of text, write a short summary of what you have just read. Write it in simple language in your own way, based on your own understanding. Not only will this showcase that you are understanding what you’ve read but it will also help you retain the information in a better way.

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Have Some Discussions

One of the best ways to understand a text and retain the information is to have a discussion about it. Create a study group or just talk to your friend who is also reading the same text. This will help you share your understanding with others and also give you their perspective. This is a great way to learn anything new as you might find out something that you hadn’t thought about or you had misunderstood.


As daunting as it may seem, college reading can be very easy as long as you develop some good habits like the ones mentioned here. The more you read, the more you’ll learn. Make sure to create a positive atmosphere before you start, mark important points and look up the definitions of new words, take notes every now and then in your own words, and have regular discussions with others. If you do these things, then you will see that you are getting through long pieces of academic text in no time while retaining all the key information.

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