Starting your own one-man business or working as a freelance developer gives you a sense of freedom in your work. While there are many advantages when working for yourself, there are also some challenges that come with being your own boss. However simple the task might seem, naming your tech company, for one, can be a difficult task for many startups.


Be unique


  • Be unique
  • Create a strong brand
  • Be descriptive

So, you have decided to start your own business adventure or maybe you’re considering it. You might already be having fun with naming your new company. Or on the other hand, you might be struggling to come up with ideas on what to call your business. Especially if you are entering a saturated market where a lot of options are already taken, it can be challenging to stand out with a creative as well as a fitting name.

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That is where a good business name generator can be helpful in – as the description suggests – generating creative business names that are also descriptive and fitting for your exact company. While you might not necessarily use one of the generated names, a tool like a name generator can help you come up with something unique to you and your company; and this is crucial to be perceived as unique in a competitive market.

Et billede, der indeholder tekst, indendørs Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Create a strong brand

A business name plays an important part in an already strong company brand, and the more compelling your brand is, the higher chance you have of attracting new customers. That is why you should also carefully consider the company’s visual identity and aesthetic design as a whole. As a skilled developer, you probably already know the importance of a great web design for a brand. So, implement what you already know and make a great first impression with a strong overall design.

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Be descriptive

Regardless of which name you land on, it is a good idea to choose one that is descriptive of your line of business, so potential customers know exactly what it is you have to offer and what type of work your company performs. Choosing a name that reflects your business will help you out a lot, but there is also a fine line between being boring and vague and being overly creative with a name, to the point where it is impossible to gauge what you are about.

The sweet spot is to be descriptive enough so new customers will have a good idea of what your business is about, but also to be creative enough to stand out and be easily remembered. Most importantly is to keep it simple: just like in general marketing, being short and to the point is underrated, but very important.

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If you are still having trouble choosing the perfect name for your tech company, read what a lot of experts are saying and take their advice on finding the right name for your business.



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