Family is that wonderland for the kids where they live their life independently where they don’t have to fear for eating anything, having fun, breaking things and there are no rules, only yelling parents and nothing else and even if they fall during mischief, they just have to shed some tears and all the love of whole world will be showered on them.

Today we don’t have to worry for the kids in the school as parents used to worry in earlier days. Today’s schools have become smarter than before, equipped with more facilities and innovative ways to make kids take interest in learning instead of crying for parents. These days the school management system of any school wants their kids to have fun in their school and enjoy studies as well. Therefore, the school management system of any school can be seen imparting many such tools and new methods as an approach to teach kids that keep kids engaged there, whole time and they enjoy learning there. It is not happening in offline schools only but also schools are bringing changes in online learning also and incorporating new tools day by day for the help students like an LMS portal.

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An LMS portal is a tool which helps the students learn safely and easily while online learning. No doubt from the above details we can say that students are enjoying their schools but what about family? Family has always been the first school for the kids so why is fun missing there? Kids have the right to have fun wherever they go. It is proven that kids learn better in the environment where they find fun.

Having fun with family can seem a simple thing but it is proven that when kids have fun with family it makes them healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, it teaches them a lot along with fun. In such fun activities, involvement of the parents is necessary where they guide their kids about creative hobbies and activities which can teach them some lifelong learnings. Family fun should be creative and supportive in the matter of learning and knowledge but should not those things which can harm the children. Such parents should make their children participate in outdoor games like basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball or should read stories by acting in front of them to make them roll in laughter which is also a physical exercise but should never engage kids in such games which are harmful for the kids like playing video games full of violence or watching movies full of violence or adult content.

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The truth is parents cannot control external sources of fun such as TV or video games but they can control apps designed for education and fun for kids. Parents can enroll their kids in many available advanced education apps which not only provide knowledge to the kids but also represent the knowledge in a funny manner which kids like a lot and parents also get a chance to impart in the online education of their kids.

To make family fun educational for the kids, parents can impart some creative activities which can teach students some morals and educational things too such as playing general knowledge quiz with kids. These creative activities can be anything like sports, music, art or outdoor events, watching funny and clean movies with kids, playing funny games with kids or exploring any new place where kids can learn about history or mythology. Such activities will not only bring fun but knowledge and information also for the kids. Having fun is an essential part of learning and studying for the kids.

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It is proven in many studies that students like to enjoy those fun activities which teach them some new skill set. This is the reason why summer camps are organized by many schools these days in summer vacation so that kids can utilize their vacation in fruitful ways and can learn few useful skills without wasting their school time and class hours. When students and kids participate in family fun then it makes the bond with family members also very strong and relations become stronger between kids and parents. Family fun gives chances to parents to prove that they are not only robust to them but also very caring and loving to them.

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