Smartphones are no longer a luxury today as almost everyone prefers a mode of communication that gives them access to the internet. Casino game developers learned a few years ago that they could take advantage of this tech advancement to create games that can be played through mobile devices exclusively. These days, players can access the games from online casino sites on their phone or download a mobile app from a developer of their choice.

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Now, even with the growth in mobile online casinos, it still takes a bit of research to find the best choice. A detailed review is recommended for new players looking for pay by phone casino Canada options, and especially one done by a site dedicated to unbiased reviews. The best casino will help you find a good deal that allows you to play free of charge before you can pay to compete at a more advanced level. We recommend subscribing to such sites to get as much new information as it gets released.

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Speaking of growth, the global mobile gaming industry made USD 77.2 billion in gross revenues in 2020, pandemic notwithstanding. The projection is for more growth, up to USD 102 billion in 2023. Easy access to casino sites and increased number of games available on this platform are some of the reasons these revenues have risen this much.

These are some of the developments we have witnessed with the growth of the mobile gambling industry.

The Development of Mobile Casino Apps


  • The Development of Mobile Casino Apps
  • An Immersive Gambling Experience
  • Increased Gambling Options
  • Why Mobile Gaming is Growing as it is.
  • More Growth to Come
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Mobile casino apps have removed the need to download games or pay directly from online casino sites. Getting one of these apps grants you access to all mobile games released by that particular developer, both on or offline. Different developers will develop their own apps for Android and iOS since these are the most used operating systems, and so a player may have to download more than one. The games on apps are available for free practice and real money gaming.

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An Immersive Gambling Experience

Game variety is one of the factors players look for when selecting the ideal platform and mobile gaming has come of age where this is concerned. Slot games win hands down when you think of games you can play through mobile as some of them are now specially designed for mobile. Bar Bar Blacksheep is one of these games whose features are all designed for mobile, and over time, we see more developers choosing this route. Players are reporting a better gambling experience with table games too, as they are now designed for mobile play.

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Increased Gambling Options

People used to a land-based gambling experience seem to prefer live dealer games as they remind them of being inside a casino. This option was only available via PC gaming, but now developers have challenged themselves enough to bring these to mobile gamers. Features are optimized for a smaller screen so that players experience the same as they would from a desktop.

We are also seeing sports betting taking off at an alarming rate, especially during playing seasons. Basketball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, and Rugby are now all available for gamblers to try their luck. This segment is growing so fast and generating so much in terms of revenue that some countries have decided to legalize and tax it.

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Why Mobile Gaming is Growing as it is.

These are some of the factors we attribute to the sudden growth of the gaming industry all over the world.

  • Convenience

The fact that over half the people in the world rely on smartphones to keep them in the loop makes this market a reliable target for gambling. You can access a casino site from your phone without downloading any game, and the features will not be compromised because it is optimized for mobile. This means you can get your game on in the train while commuting to work, on the beach, and even when walking down a road with no much human traffic. The convenience makes it the go-to choice for mobile users.

  • Ease of Use
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Games on mobile screens are designed to be played through this mode, and so everything you may need will be within reach. A phone is designed to fit ideally on the hand, and so when playing, you won’t have to make any adjustments. Desktops aren’t this flexible since the size alone forces one to stop and find enough space for their tools of the trade.

  • Options – Play for Real Money or Free

If you are a newbie planning to get started towards game perfection, you don’t have to spend a dime. Online casinos have almost all the games played for real money available for practice too. After you have perfected your game, you are welcome to play at the league of bigger players for the money. Both these options are available on mobile, making this type of gambling even more attractive.

  • Perks for New and Existing Players
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Think bonuses and free games, and you have all these through your mobile device if you choose this mode for gambling. The same benefits offered to desktop players – or even better sometimes – are available to you if you decide to spend a little of your spare time on casino sites. Some of the bonuses you get through your mobile include deposit and no deposit ones, refer-a-friend, and free spins. Payments are also breezy since they can be made through the internet that you can access from your phone.

More Growth to Come

The popularity of gambling has made industry leaders embrace new payment options and advanced technologies to bring as many games to this platform as possible. The income generated from gambling is only expected to keep increasing since players have access through as many avenues as possible. The downside to this could be the increased numbers of people getting addicted to gambling, but that is always a possibility when it comes to casinos.

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