Playing Online Casino Games can give you many benefits. Casino bonuses are just one of many. Gambling houses are looking to attract as many punters as possible. The race between the gambling platforms is intensifying. Find out how to get the best out of it and provide yourself the best casino bonuses.

The Ultimate Guide: How To Find The Best Online Casino Games Bonuses


  • The Ultimate Guide: How To Find The Best Online Casino Games Bonuses
  • Brick-and-Mortar vs. Online Casino Bonus
  • Online Casino Games Bonuses – Types
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Leaderboards
  • Free Offers
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Free Slot Spins
  • Online Casino Games Tips & Tricks
  • Check Casino Reputation
  • Online Casino Games Wagering Requirements
  • In Conclusion
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When looking for good online casino games, gamblers usually look at several aspects. First and foremost, before you start gambling, it is essential to find the right casino. With this in mind, it’s critical to check if the casino is reputable and trustworthy – safety above all. Bonuses are no less important and come in the same package. A good bonus can turn the chances in your favor and increase your winning probabilities. Read along, and find out how to get the best casino bonuses.

Brick-and-Mortar vs. Online Casino Bonus

When comparing bonuses between traditional and online casino bonuses, the difference is evident. If you go to the traditional land-based casino, you can expect a few drinks or some small cash promotion. The reason behind this action is straightforward. You are already there, ready to gamble.

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On the flip side, the competition between online casinos is more intense. There’s a lot of operators (both fair and the rogue ones). This is why every house wants to be (or stay) competitive. As a result, you can select and pick promotions from any side. If you are new to gambling, this all probably seems the same, with no difference. However, there are some finesses, and we will help you to discover them.

Online Casino Games Bonuses – Types

As aforementioned, casinos are looking to find various ways to attract as many players as possible. Consequently, they offer different types of promotions both for beginners and seasoned players. Thus, bonuses can be quite rewarding as they give players a chance to increase their overall balance. However, not all promotions can benefit you. So let’s see what type of bonuses you can find and how to use them to fill your pockets.

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Loyalty Programs

They are designed primarily to retain and reward the best players. They come in all shapes and forms, and most casinos are pretty creative about it. Newcomers generally don’t get too many benefits from the Loyalty program. However, by participating in these games, beginners in gambling can have a good time. Many casinos have setups where gamblers are progressing through levels, uncovering new places. For better understanding, let’s see a couple of examples.

The N1 Casino Race

This casino is all about speed. Every week, players have a new chance to win the N1 Casino Race. The prize pool is impressive, with 15.000€ and 15.000 Free Slots for players to share.

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Kingbilly Casino King’s Tournament

This casino has found a very creative and ingenious way to keep its players engaged. Punters can take part in King’s Tournament. There, gamblers are competing against each other as Citizens. Players who participate in daily tournaments at this casino can hope for bountiful recompense. Besides reward, the winner of the tournament will get the King’s Champion title.

BitStarz Casino Magic Adventure

Speaking about creativity, the BitStarz casino took it to another level. The tournament is designed in the way players do have a feeling like they are part of a magical castle. The visual effects and the design of the tournament’s external page give the impression that you are playing a video game. At first glance at the castle, you can feel the desire to climb as high as possible. Not to mention the 10.000€ cash prize.

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People like to compete and compare. It makes them more committed. With that in mind, casinos have created different competitions like Leaderboards and Races. The essence of this promotion is to make the players compete against others in their favorite online casino games. The best ones after a certain period can earn decent rewards.

Free Offers

One of the most popular bonuses among players. This option doesn’t require any money to deposit. Simultaneously, casinos will give you free cash to try their games. Naturally, operators are not giving away their money just like that. This type of promo usually has some restrictions.

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The general objective of this bonus is to let players try some of their games. The casinos then hope that some newcomers will stick to one of the games and stay with the operator and deposit later.

Welcome Bonus

Casinos’ end goal is to make a profit. For this reason, operators are paying particular attention to those players who are depositing money. Consequently, casinos are offering bonuses with the first deposit. Later on, most platforms provide players to double or even triple their money after the first pledge. In some cases, gamblers can get free spins to try some of the platform’s new games.

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Free Slot Spins

Slot machines are one of the most popular online casino games. Consequently, houses are offering different types of bonuses related to this popular feature. Free spins can come in the form of a standalone bonus, but in some cases goes under the first deposit or welcome bonuses. They are beneficial, as you can have a chance to test out casino games you never had a chance to play before.

Online Casino Games Tips & Tricks

Bonuses can come in handy from time to time and improve your overall experience with specific online casinos. However, to ensure the whole gambling experience, players need to consider several aspects before choosing a particular promotion.

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Check Casino Reputation

You can have all the bonuses in the world; unfortunately, it’s worth nothing if you encounter a rogue casino. Thereby, it’s imperative to check the platform before placing the first deposit and claiming your bonus. Check if the casino is reputable. Make sure that the operator has all the necessary licenses and regulations. The safety of your funds must always come first.

Online Casino Games Wagering Requirements

It’s nothing new; still, it’s worth mentioning again – casinos are here for profit. Hence they are not giving money away. As a result, the house will provide you with a substantial bonus; however, it will come with certain restrictions. Every promotion has its wagering requirement.

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Simply put, this restriction is the turnover the player needs to achieve before the casino releases the money to them and they’re allowed to cash it out. For example, a 10x wagering on a 200€ bonus would mean you need to place 2000€ worth of bets before withdrawing your funds.

In addition, there are some other restrictions and variations of the wager. Hence, it’s always an excellent choice to read the Terms and Conditions section before claiming your first bonus. Keep in mind that the usual wager is 30x. This became something of a standard over the years.

In Conclusion

When choosing a casino, players are focusing on many particulars. With that in mind, most inexperienced gamblers are concentrated solely on bonuses, forgetting about the rest of the essential details. That being the case, bettors need to have the casino’s goals in mind: profit. Consequently, although very tempting, promotions come with a set of rules and restrictions. This is why it wouldn’t be a very wise choice to go for the highest bonus you can find. Read this manual, find out more about the specific casino and its Terms & Conditions. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality. Sometimes, when choosing the best online casino games, bonuses – less is more.

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