Casino entertainment in Nippon has penetrated the lives of citizens deeply. While the government has not elaborated all the necessary regulatory measures, people look for available means to enjoy their favourite amusement. Bets on racings and lotteries are 2 types of gambling legal on the national level. Sweepstakes activities have their unique laws that ensure all income is directed to regional necessities.


As there are no ground casino halls, demand for this activity is high as nowhere else. That is why web gambling on offshore platforms is what the Japanese enjoy a lot. Foreign operators keep the situation under control, obtain the necessary online casino software (オンラインカジノ ソフトウェア), and target locals with different manifestations.

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Let us analyse the availability of gambling entertainment and potential chances of investments.

General Situation with the Industry


  • General Situation with the Industry
  • Race Betting
  • Keiba
  • Keirin
  • Kyōtei
  • Auto Racing
  • Sweepstakes
  • Online Casinos

The population of Japan is more than 125 million people. The average net salary is $2,500. High penetration rates of smartphones and the Internet (93% and 94%) explain the extreme popularity of mobile casino applications among locals. The attractiveness of overseas platforms continues rising, while the authorities discuss legalisation possibilities.

The Japanese are among the most gambling nations. The majority of entertainment is focused on local games called pachinko or mahjong. According to statistics, about 15 million Japanese visit pachinko lounges annually. The government does not consider it to be a casino activity as long as no monetary prizes are granted. It is almost impossible to find empty legal pachinko halls.

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This gambling manifestation resembles a combination of a pinball machine and a traditional slot. The game has recently regained much popularity due to adaptations of iconic images of pop culture. Pachinko machines now use themes from Silent Hill, DOOM, Marvel Comics, many movies, and other topics. The low entry threshold for this activity is one of the main reasons for such serious popularity.

Race Betting

Another widely engaged entertainment on the premises of the state is wagering on the racing outcomes. There are a few different manifestations that attract punters from the entire country.

Locally called public sports include:

  • Keiba — horse racing;
  • Keirin — bike competitions;
  • Kyōtei — boat racing;
  • auto racing.
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Wagering on horses has the biggest audience of fans. As of 2022, the Japan Racing Association has up to 30 tracks where different competitions take place. The most important events gather thousands of spectators. Bets on the results are accepted on the premises of facilities or at different online bookmakers.


Wagering on the results of cycling tournaments has been in demand due to its complexity and specific rules. All races take place on oval tracks one and a half kilometres long. 9 participants compete for the leadership behind a motorcycle guide. Every lap intensifies as the speed increases. The motorcycle leaves participants a few laps before the finish. The speed can reach 70–80 kilometres per hour.

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Boat racing takes the public’s attention with its spectacular nature. There are more than 20 dedicated facilities throughout Japan. These are mainly lakes created artificially. Each lap has a length of a bit more than half a kilometre. 6 participants in motorboats compete for the leadership at high speeds.

Auto Racing

Speedway tournaments are also incredibly viewed and wagered on. Similar venues as with boat competitions are organised (but on the ground), with a total of up to 12 daily races possible. Wagering options are present at the place or online bookmakers.


Japanese lotteries are also incredibly popular. Modern propositions include 3 manifestations of entertainment to choose from:

  1. Instant scratch cards.
  2. Lotteries with unique numbers.
  3. Draws with predefined numbers.
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Tickets are freely available at kiosks, stores, and websites. Prices vary from 100 to 500 yen. The biggest win possible is 100 million yen. The specifics of sweepstakes regulation imply that the lucky person can only get half of the sum. The remaining 50% is directed to local authorities and charitable organisations and then spent for the benefit of society.

Online Casinos

As there is no accessibility to obtaining an official working permit from any authoritative body in Japan, operators apply for licences in overseas jurisdictions. The reason to target people in the country is a colossal demand for entertainment. No ground halls imply the search for alternative ways of gambling. The internet environment suits here ideally.

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Software support for operators of gaming sites is also substantial here. The local manufacturer Konami has been in the industry for several years and clearly understands the trends and peculiarities of the audience. Other notable suppliers include Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, and TVBet. They provide quality casino software for platforms with an orientation on the Japanese audience.

Considering the necessity to be aware of a lot of geographical, legal, programming, and other aspects, operators may face a lack of experience on the way to assembling profitable platforms. That is why the assistance of a professional aggregator helps a lot.

2WinPower is an accomplished market representative. The company’s experts monitor the situation in the state and provide the necessary aid to the casino setup. More details can be found upon direct contact with the firm via official communication means.

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