Corporate executive Ragnar Horn maintains a competitive spirit is critical to achieving success in business or any other endeavor.

Horn attributes this spirit to his Norwegian upbringing. During his youth, his family operated an investment firm involved in numerous projects encompassing various societal sectors. It was at this time Horn watched his family work hard and compete to rise to the top of the investment industry.


The executive adds that his competitive nature only grew upon competing in Division I skiing at the prestigious Williams College. The grueling cross country races he performed in were challenging. However, these events helped him mature and understand that reaching major heights required hard work and a fiery, competitive, never-say-die belief in oneself.

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This competitive nature enabled Horn to continue his studies at Harvard Business School where the Norwegian businessman earned an MBA. Once his academic career was completed, he took his talents to New York City and excelled in the investment banking realm for several years. However, he soon returned to his homeland to oversee the family’s firm, which is known as Taconic AS.

Ragnar Horn yearns to dispel the myth that a competitive spirit is a negative attribute and that such qualities suggest someone is arrogant, unrelenting, and greedy. He believes that leadership is a serious responsibility and those charged with determining a company’s aims or the well-being of those working under them must adopt a personality that inspires them to work harder, never be satisfied, and strive to be the best.

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About Ragnar Horn

In addition to his business ventures, Horn is still an avid skier who competes in several cross country events across the world each year. Moreover, he is involved in numerous charitable organizations that champion the cause of athletic organizations children’s rights, and the arts. On a personal note, Horn is married and has three children.



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