The installation of FlexiSpy aims to spy and track on some mobile phones with the use of different methods, logging each phone activity, tracking phones, and much more. The primary features are as follows:

  • Whitelist, blacklist, and shield if you like your phone to be undiscoverable and protected always.
  • GPS tracking in case phone’s on the move.
  • Intercept calls made from the phone.
  • Track the past and current location of the phone.
  • Log every calling history
  • Log any received and sent emails and SMS
  • Control mobile phone via SMS
  • Listen to phones remotely made on target mobile phone

FlexiSpy for iPhone can be tried for 24 hours. You can start free demo version for free without credit card needs, fuss or hassle. The free demo of FlexiSpy is made to get you up and running with it as quickly as possible so you can see what it could do and why it is the best spy app you can purchase with more features than any competitors. 

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If the demo expired, you have to upgrade FlexiSpy premium license to extreme license to continue the service. If you upgrade FlexiSpy extreme, you won’t have the target device physically to use FlexiSpy continuously. You can upgrade the license directly from the online portal of your device. You’ll require the target device physically to install the app and use free trial.

What Can FlexiSpy for iPhone Do for You?


  • What Can FlexiSpy for iPhone Do for You?
  • Why FlexiSpy is the Best iPhone Tracking Application?


With lots of features, FlexiSpy offers information that no other spy applications for iPhone could do. Some of the things it do include monitoring emails, popular IM apps including Skype, Viber, and Facebook. It allows you to be like the fly on the wall, allowing you to view GPS location, web browser history, videos, and photos. You will also get keylogger for your iPhone that will let you know what’s typed on the iPhone.

FlexiSpy is one of a kind. It has the ability to record and listen live phone calls and phone surroundings. You will not find such features on other apps. Therefore, if you are an employer or a parent with responsibilities for the way iPhone devices are used, only FlexiSpy can provide you the solution you require for your security concerns.

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Why FlexiSpy is the Best iPhone Tracking Application?

Not every iPhone spy app is made equal. Think of the FlexiSpy as a classic rock group. It might sound similar with some apps, yet it is beyond your expectations. FlexiSpy is unique in a way that it offers advanced and new features. It also set apart from others because of the following:

  • FlexiSpy is an iPhone tracking app that allows you to read data in a convenient manner from smartphones and to underscore their belief in their product, they don’t have quibble refund policy and unique trade-in policy.
  • Most of such features are unique with FlexiSpy and can’t be found with some iPhone tracking apps. It means that FlexiSpy provides you insights, information, and clues that nobody else can.
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