In the current season, a fairly intense fight for the title has unfolded in the Spanish Primera. The battle for top-4 looks no less interesting. One of the contenders for a place in the Champions League zone is Sevilla. The betting site in Bangladesh – – is the best platform where you can not only make predictions but also track all the news of a particular club in real-time.

Last summer, Seville has strengthened quite well, although not all newcomers have been accepted well. For example, Chicharito left the team in winter. The players of Lopetegui passed the first half of the season quite confidently. But in the new year, the results began to deteriorate a little. As a result, at the end of winter the team was kicked out of the Champions League zone.

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However, today the density in the standings is so high that any misfire can radically change the position of teams. The best betting site in Bangladesh allows you to make a forecast for any match featuring Sevilla. It is also easy to predict the place of the team in the standings according to the results of the season as a whole.



For Lopetegui’s team, getting into the Champions League zone is a key task. However, achieving this result will not be easy. This year’s competition is incredible. The list of the usual contenders like Atletico or Valencia was replenished with Getafe, which demonstrates interesting and diverse football.

Moreover, even in the section on, you can find interesting matches for betting. Now comes the decisive segment of the season, and the loss of points can lead to the fact that the team will not be able to finish in the top-4.

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Football forecasts in 1xBet

However, despite the serious level of competition in Spanish football, Seville is still able to take a place in the Champions League zone. There are several factors in favour of this:

  1. Great experience of the team leaders. Some of them have been playing in the team since it won the Europa League several times in a row.
  2. Coach. For Lopetegui, working at Sevilla is a great opportunity to improve his reputation, so he took responsibility for it from the very first day he was in the position of head coach.
  3. Mastery of the key players of the club. First of all, these are Banega, de Jong, Munir and others.
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All this should be enough for the club to finish in the top-4. In the section on, you can always find interesting options for bets, including Sevilla’s matches. The team can’t afford to lose points at the decisive stretch of the season.




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