Among the most spectacular sports destinations traditionally bet on online are ice hockey and the NHL championship. Of course, the geography of this sport is somewhat smaller than in football, however, a huge number of bettors prefer to make NHL betting due to favorable odds and an understandable game strategy. NHL betting Canada is no less popular than in Europe. Using the website of the bookmaker Parimatch, everyone can try hockey betting for an interesting pastime, and possibly a good win from the first cash deposit.


Features of regular and live NHL betting


  • Features of regular and live NHL betting
  • NHL Betting Tips
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As with any sporting field, a wide variety of factors can influence the outcome of hockey. The more of these factors a player takes into account when making NHL bets, the more likely he is to win as a result of the tournament. The most important factor influencing the outcome of bets is the general physical condition of the team. It is possible to track it by analyzing the latest news in hockey, by studying the success of recent matches: perhaps there are disqualified players among the team members or those who have been injured. Moreover, a series of events during and between past competitions can affect the motivation of the team, which ultimately affects the likelihood of winning.

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When choosing where to place the best NHL bets today, it is worth giving preference to bookmakers with a wide line of bets. The more bet options are provided, the more successful the bettor will be able to bet on the outcome of the event. Major bookmakers, such as Parimatch, offer a wide list of events in the NHL and KHL hockey leagues, where you can successfully recoup.

At the same time, live NHL betting is popular. As practice shows, such betting options are more passable than traditional ones. This is because live tournaments take place in real-time. The player can watch the first few minutes of the competition and correctly assess the strength of the opponents to make the right choice.

An NHL bet may differ in that some bookmakers only take into account three-match periods, while others include overtime and even shootouts. To bet profitably on tournament events, betters should carefully read the rules of the chosen system before the start of the competition.

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NHL Betting Tips

To start making successful NHL playoff betting odds and any other bets of any kind, it is important to study NHL betting tips. If a player first chooses NHL betting Canada as a betting destination, the course of action will depend on whether bets have been placed on other sports. If you have experience with successful bets, it will not be difficult to understand the system of hockey sports, but beginners should spend more time familiarizing themselves with the rules so as not to lose from the first bets. In any case, when starting to make the first bets in hockey, it is better to start with a minimum amount, gradually increasing in size, when the key features of the game are understood.

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Parimatch has several advantages as a platform where you can bet on leading hockey events:

  • offers a wide NHL bet picks and on other sports events;
  • bets on events are accompanied by attractive odds;
  • options for bets “single” and “express” are available, where the potential winnings are larger;
  • saves the user’s bet history, which can be accessed whenever necessary.

At the same time, the site contains information on hockey sports, which can be useful for developing your winning strategy.


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