Dating in real life has become something along the lines of fiction. A modern way to search for love is to use dating applications. Firstly, it is convenient: thanks to them, you can meet anywhere; it is enough to have a smartphone with you. Secondly, it is fast – you can weed out unnecessary people in just a few clicks. According to statistics, every second person uses an application for online dating, and the most popular of them is Tinder. The number of stories about those who found a soul mate there is off the scale, and the application itself is a success even among stars: a new premium feature Tinder Select, which allows users to use filters, has been launched as the “rich and famous” service. If you have already tried Tinder, but you have not yet found a person of your dreams, then there are 10 more applications that will help overcome loneliness in the network.

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  • 1. CHATTO
  • 2. HUGGLE
  • 4. HAPPN
  • 5. OKCUPID
  • 6. PRINCE
  • 7. BUMBLE
  • 9. MOONIT

This is a new application that has a number of fundamental differences from Tinder. First, the service includes an innovative face recognition feature. A profile can be created only if there is a person’s face in the photo. An innovative algorithm for recognizing faces is in place to identify that face as their own.

Secondly, this Tinder alternative does not request personal data in social networks, phone number, or email, which allows you to keep maximum privacy when communicating. Thirdly, a joint chat for users is created after the first like (no need to wait for the mutual approval). This allows everyone to express themselves in a conversation and interest a potential partner. And, most importantly, the application does not store data on the phone, which eliminates the leakage of private information as a result of hacking.

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The service allows you to meet people who are in the same places as you. Huggle collects data about your locations and builds a map of your favorite places based on this. After collecting this information, the service asks if you want to add locations that you regularly visit the list of “my places” in your profile.

huggle app

With the help of this list, you will be able to view people who are close by and who often visit the same place you visit. The main task of Huggle is to search for people with mutual interests. The service does not focus on dating; it’s rather an application for finding new friends.

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ParkFace application created for those who like to spend time outside. In the application, you can see the billboard of city events, select a park, and, in the “People close by” section, find a company for a walk, bike ride, or picnic.


The main difference of the French service Happn is that it looks for a pair by analyzing the number of places two potential partners might’ve met each other. The rest of the application is very similar to Tinder: if your sympathy with another user coincides, then a dialog box opens. To increase your chances of correspondence, you can send the so-called Charm to your favorite user – a sign of deep sympathy.

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The profile that OkCupid users are asked to fill out includes about 300 questions on completely different topics: from life principles to gastronomic preferences. The program calculates users with similar answers and offers a perfect match. The service also has another way to search for people – the same as Tinder Quickmatch. If you used OkCupid in the past, and you liked it, then be sure to check out, as these services have a lot of things in common, yet some features and approaches to design are different. It might be just what you are looking for.


Prince is designed to find real “princes” who are ready to fulfill any desire of the girl. First, a desire is created. For example, to go to the cinema for the last movie released, to receive a bouquet of flowers as a gift, or to try the best chocolate in the city. The male part of the users offers their options for the fulfillment of women’s desires. If you like the idea of the user, the chat will open, but it lasts for only 48 hours.

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The Bumble audience is exclusively feminists: women make choices here. The basic scheme is similar to that of most applications: swipe right is sympathy; swipe left is the opposite, but only a girl can start communication here. To decide to send the message first, there is only a day; then your match will disappear.


Taste Buds brings people with the same musical tastes together. At the registration stage, the application asks you about your favorite artists and automatically loads those you once liked on Facebook. Found people can be added to friends, and you can chat with them.

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The Moonit app is aimed at those who believe in the power of stars and astrological predictions. A couple here can be found by a zodiac sign. So, if your sign is Pisces, you are unlikely to meet a Libra man or a Sagittarius here.


If you still don’t trust online dating, then Double-Double is for you. The service is created for double dates, so after registering, you should immediately invite your friend for a joint date.


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