Who said anime/cartoon is only for kids? Most of the adults still do watch anime. There are tons and tons of anime available out there. But only very few anime is gaining the spotlight. Some of the best animes are Dragon Ball Series, Naruto, Fairy-tale, Death Note and One Piece. I had been watching anime for a decade and just a few years back, I started using Kodi to watch movies and anime. During that time, I was really moved by its performance.

But slowly lots of anime addons stopped working. There are various reasons like copyright infringement and shut down of some famous repositories. Now It’s really hard to find a working anime addon. Being an anime addict, I personally surfed some of the best addons for Kodi. But unfortunately, only a few of them had the anime section. Literally, I was pissed off, so I made my own list of working anime addons. I checked all these add-ons based on updated content and working streaming links.

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Best Kodi anime addons


  • Best Kodi anime addons
  • Watch dubbed anime Kodi addon
  • Animego Kodi addon
  • Soggy Sandwich  

My favorite list of Kodi anime addons are as follows…

•    Watch dubbed anime

•    Animego

•    Soggy Sandwich

Watch dubbed anime Kodi addon

Watch dubbed anime is my most favorite anime addon. I have been using this addon for the past 2 years. It works really fine. Though its name is changed. Previously it is called watch anime online. Currently, it is hosted in various repositories. You can find the latest version in Cypher repository. The file hosted in the superrepo is outdated and not working. So, make sure to download the latest version from cypher locker repository. You can download cypher media Repository from the below link

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Use this link to download the latest version of the cypher locker repository. Install watch anime addon from the video addons category. You can find most of the dubbed anime, subbed anime (Eng.), anime movies and OVA series in this addon. In addition to that, it also has a separate section for cartoons. You can search your favorite anime either by name or genre. There is a category called Latest picks to keep yourself updated with multiple series. You can find the most recently updated contents in the Today’s Pick category. Make sure to try this addon, definitely, you will love this addon.

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Animego Kodi addon

This is the only available alternative for the watch dubbed anime Kodi addon. How good an addon might be, it’s not 100% reliable. So, it’s better to have some addons as an alternative. This is one of the best Kodi addon hidden from the user. You can find this addon from any of the top repository. Animego Kodi addon is developed by DKnight. You can download the latest version of this addon from GitHub. Or you can also install the Dknight’s own repository called DK-XBMC Repository to receive the updates automatically. You can download the DK XBMC repo from the below link

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After downloading the repository make sure to install the repository by zip file installation method. And proceed to install the Animego Kodi addon from the Video add-ons section. Animego has got some cool features. All the movies and TV shows are categorized on the alphabetical order. It makes things a lot easier. They are also sorted on the basis of Genre, date added (recently added) and most watched (top). Category wise search option is available to search your favorite TV shows and movies. Compared to the watch dubbed anime Kodi addon, the content is low. But it acts as the best alternative.

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Soggy Sandwich  

If you are an anime freak like me, you might have definitely come across the Crunchyroll and FUNimation. These are the top streaming service provider for anime. They have most of the streaming rights. But most of their contents are paid. But you can access most of the Crunchyroll contents for free. Soggy Sandwich Kodi addon is an exact clone of Crunchyroll official addon. This addon is available in PTOM repository. This repository is new to most of the Kodi users, but it’s been there for a while. You can download PTOM repository from the below link


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Make sure to install this repository and Soggy Sandwich Kodi addon. You can find some of the old anime from this addon (starting from 2009). The contents of this addon are sorted as most popular, newest, featured, genres, and season. You can use this season section to find the anime based on the broadcasted period. This is highly helpful if you forgot the name of the anime. You can also use the search option to find your favorite anime.

Well, these are my personal favorite anime addon. I had been using this addon for the past 2 years and they are working great. Sometimes they do piss me off, but after all these copyright infringement strikes, these are the few addons still standing. Hope this article is informative. Do Share this article with another anime addict like us!

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