If you’re looking for a career that takes you from your home, transcription may be the perfect option. Transcription is the process of translating the text into a different language. This can include anything from writing memos and reports to interviewing people and typing out customer letters. Whether you want to make some extra money while still living at home or start your own business, transcription is an excellent career choice. Here is how you can make money full time on transcription.

Start Where You Are


  • Start Where You Are
  • Set Up As an Independent Contractor
  • Take Advantage of Online Transcription Listing Programs
  • Find Short Projects
  • Be Patient
  • Keep Learning and Growing
  • Work on Quality Transcription Jobs
  • Conclusion
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If you want to start with a low-risk freelance initiative, benefits for established businesses are that you are making money even before you get started. You will not be responsible for the administrative side of things, and the large corporations are always looking for hardworking freelancers because they know that they will be able to pay on time when the invoice comes in.

Many transcribers who are first starting were able to make good money from their clerical side of the job. Later their administrative fine taste for detail made them much more desirable for companies that needed high-quality transcripts.

Set Up As an Independent Contractor

With this option, you are hiring yourself as an independent contractor, which allows you to decide your hours, more flexible work schedule and how much money you want to make while still being able to work full-time hours.

As an independent contractor, many transcription services offer a flexible schedule so it works with your other responsibilities and commitments, such as school or work life.

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Take Advantage of Online Transcription Listing Programs

As you know, the information age has made everything accessible from anywhere across the globe. This includes documentation, documentation services, and transcription services. You can take advantage of online platforms for various people looking for work.

Whether you want to look for work through a job board or get hired through a freelancing platform and e-commerce platforms like Craigslist, Upwork or Freelancer.

Find Short Projects

Even if you’re not an expert at typing yet, you can still take advantage of the great opportunities available on transcription jobs sites because word files only require basic typing skills. The amount that pays is usually better than even some freelance gigs that will pay more but takes longer to complete.

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If you have basic typing skills, signing up with these sites will enable you to earn more. Whether you want a Hebrew transcription job or an English one, you can always find what you can handle on these platforms.

Be Patient

If you’re serious about becoming a professional transcriptionist, you must have patience and motivation to earn money. You can’t expect to be completely successful in the beginning. When things don’t go as expected, you should always stay positive and make sure that you re-evaluate your options to find success.

Keep Learning and Growing

It’s not just about the money! If you want to make a full-time income, you must be willing to learn and grow. While it may take time to develop the skills, this requires mental growth on many different levels. You add value when you build your skills, and the pay and benefits will be there for you as long as you continue to grow.

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Work on Quality Transcription Jobs

Trouble can come from trying to get paid for work that is not high quality. Don’t try to do work that won’t impress your clients. Instead focus on transcribing informational documents (like financial reports or budget schedules), technical training materials (like computer programs), audiobooks, and band recordings.

This type of work provides quality opportunities where the money is better than the average transcription job, but not so great that your offers will decline significantly in price because of quality issues.


If you are trying to make more money, you need to find the right transcription job that fits your style and interests. Make sure you are asking for what you want. Are you trying to appease the client? Or do your best to get paid the most for a transcription job? Often, it can be better to refuse a lower offer so that you can find work that is more in line with your needs. That way, you can be sure of getting paid for great work every time.

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