Writing a Great Travel Essay


  • Writing a Great Travel Essay
  • Choosing a Destination
  • Include a Personal Experience
  • Focus on the Details
  • Conclusion

If you have been assigned an essay that focuses on travel and tourism, you may be in for a challenge. Here, you can learn more about what these types of essays should cover and how you can create a compelling paper. For some students, travel and tourism are not familiar topics. First, you will have to have a complete understanding of what is needed in the essay. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, tourism is often a popular topic and it can be a great subject for an essay. There are many locations and attractions that can be used in an essay and with a bit of research you will be able to write a paper that will be informative and well-structured.

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Choosing a Destination

When writing any travel essay, many students feel they must choose an exotic location. While this will surely provide some interest to readers, there are many local locations that are just as exciting. You may live in an area that is rich in history or has an amazing cultural life. Your destination can be some place you regularly visit. This is beneficial as you will have the knowledge needed to write about details that will provide or a compelling essay. Many people will be reading travel essays to choose a destination. While not everyone will have weeks to spend exploring major cities, it can be beneficial to write about smaller destinations that can be enjoyed in just a few days.

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Include a Personal Experience

An essay on travel and tourism should not just be a detailed account of what the location offers or where it is in the world. Feel free to include personal experiences. By writing about places you have already been, you can include stories that will intrigue readers and make the essay more enjoyable. If you struggle trying to incorporate some experiences, you can turn to the best essay writing services for some help. With assistance from professional writers, you can take a basic essay and make it interesting by learning how to add your personal touch.

Focus on the Details

Travel and tourism essays should not simply contain lists of things to do or places to go. You will want to write about specific things the location has to offer. If it is known for food, take time to learn about the local cuisine and talk about popular dishes. If it has an amazing art scene, discuss the types of art that can be seen and include some bios on local artists. While positive details are excellent, it is also okay to include negative aspects. You want the essay to be truthful. If the area has high crime, include this in the essays with examples that back it up.


Writing about tourism and travel is not an easy task. It will require a lot of research and planning. You want to make sure that key details are always included without seeming like you are just running through a list. Make the essay enjoyable by including unique statistics and details or adding your own experiences if you have visited the destination. With some time and planning, you can create an enjoyable essay that will provide readers with valuable information with a touch of entertainment.

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