Any person who has started with the professional development of a multilingual website knows that it is one of the most challenging and time-consuming projects. It will also require cooperation from several specialists as you turn to localization services. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right balance between the original version and another target language because you must provide your audience with recognizable content. At the same time, it is necessary to offer something unique that will feel right among your website visitors and customers.

5 Things to Avoid Developing Multilingual Website

  1. Carbon Copy Risks.

The most common mistake encountered in the development of a multilingual website is creating a carbon copy of your original content. It may be good when you are dealing with Healthcare or those fields where being precise is required.

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Yet it is not always a good solution when you have to consider all the aspects of the foreign language. Just think about various business matters or ethical specifics that should not be translated directly.

  1. Overtranslation.

This term stands for translating those things that should not be translated like in video games translations or sound engineering where the majority of terms are still in English and require no translation unless you are approaching specific slang terms.

This problem is often encountered in video game translation, which is why it is crucial to understand how to become a game translator and what kind of localization work must be done when creating a multilingual website. Most importantly, your translation must sound logical and have high readability.

  1. Legal Aspect Challenges.
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Another thing you should avoid when developing your multilingual website is failing to approach certified translators. When you are dealing with official documents, legal papers, business agreements, or your company’s background, find expert translators.

As a rule, every document that has legal power must be approached by certified specialists only as it will help to avoid legal disputes or copyright infringements. You can check The Word Point to see why this kind of translation help will be beneficial for you and how a certified expert’s assistance always stands out. Consider asking your translation expert for a certificate to ensure that you receive a quality proof.

  1. Ignoring Socio-Cultural Factors.
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Since you are dealing with a foreign country, do not ignore all the social and cultural aspects of creating a multilingual website. Show respect and study your target country’s specifics. Regardless if you are a part of the international branch or a small developer who is trying to reach foreign markets, knowing what to avoid in terms of religious or social mistakes will always keep you safe.

For example, you should always adjust your campaigns to avoid offending people or acting too open. The list of things that may be quite normal in the West is not always accepted in the East (and vice versa!).

  1. Avoid Unclear Slogans.
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You might not remember the times when Chevrolet came up with its famous Nova model. However, it did not become popular in Spain since it literally means “something that does not work”.

Do not fall into the trap of translation when your slogan quickly becomes funny or strange as you translate something that might sound good in your native language! Always think twice about your marketing campaign and implement clear visuals that are universal in design and meaning.

The Basics of SEO Work & Objectives


It is important to start with your SEO work even before your multilingual website is being developed because this aspect must be included in your outline. It will always depend on what you would like to achieve because it is not the same if you want to promote a video game or work as a fashion influencer.

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The primary reason for these differences is the use of specific keywords and online behavior traits that will help your global website connect the dots and bring you more visitors. Therefore, think about your objectives as you implement your SEO keywords!


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