Riot Games’ League of Legends is a free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena video game for Microsoft Windows and macOS. In League of Legends, you play the role of an unseen “summoner” who controls a “champion” with unique qualities and fights against other players or computer-controlled champions in teams.


The objective is usually to destroy the opposition’s “nexus” – a building at the center of a base protected by defensive structures, although other distinct game modes exist as well. Each League of Legends match is unique, with all heroes beginning at a low level and gradually gaining strength as they obtain items and experience throughout the game.

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So, let’s get this discussion started. It’s a frequent question on internet forums: Is there a point to giving up in League of Legends? After all, if your team is losing and the game is going badly for you, why not just call it quits as quickly as possible rather than attempting to play out a 40-minute or more match? In general, it’s usually advisable to give your all until you’ve lost decisively.

Surrendering is quite unusual in League of Legends. Only 0.4% of all daily ranked games result in what Riot refers to as “toxic abandons,” when one team gives up and everyone leaves simultaneously. This isn’t a good reason to log off and quit playing after a poor start. However, there are times when it’s advantageous to call it quits before your position starts to get seriously damaged.

First Situation: You’re a beginner


  • First Situation: You’re a beginner
  • Second Situation: Your team is just… bad
  • Third Situation: The enemy is fed
  • When is it Good to Surrender in League of Legends?
  • When is it Bad?
  • Tilting
  • When It’s Time to Quit the Game Altogether
  • Conclusion
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You may require special assistance learning how to play League of Legends if you’ve just begun. If your team is aware that they are likely to lose, someone could volunteer to surrender so that everyone may move on with their lives sooner rather than later. Don’t be concerned about being a laughingstock – this happens all the time at the beginning levels of League of Legends. But, to make sure this doesn’t happen, you can choose some hyper-carry champions, and one of them is Ezreal. He scales extremely well in the late game, but even he can’t play alone, so, with that being said, here are the best supports for Ezreal in this season!

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Second Situation: Your team is just… bad

If your team’s communication can best be characterized as “non-existent,” it’s likely that you’re the only one excelling on your team – while everyone else is having a difficult time comprehending what’s going on in their own lane, much alone the other lanes. Early surrendering may actually assist your team more quickly; this way they won’t have to waste time losing game after game until they learn how to play the game. This speeds up the procedure, making it beneficial for everyone involved.

Third Situation: The enemy is fed

If one person on the opposing team is doing exceptionally well while the rest of the team is falling apart due to that one individual’s power (whether it’s because they’re too strong to fight head-on or someone keeps dying over and over), then nobody will enjoy it. It’s possible that they would avoid playing because they’re worried about not being able to complete a task on time. This may make League of Legends difficult to play, which means you shouldn’t waste your time when there are other options (anything else) that you’d rather do than this situation.

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When is it Good to Surrender in League of Legends?

Some people enjoy playing every single game of League of Legends they can, regardless of whether or not their team has a successful day, whereas others do not like to play when things aren’t going well for them. If the goal is just to have a good time, you should never give up since this will ruin your mood throughout an entire game if you must deal with your teammates’ negativity. However, if you value winning so much that even little losses in the game have an impact on your daily life outside of the game, then you must look at alternative strategies for how to play without allowing defeats to affect you.

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When is it Bad?

Playing ranked would put you in the shoes of a player at or near your skill level, but that is no longer always the case. Even for very experienced individuals, LoL is quite difficult these days due to the many different strategies that are being used by players every day. While most individuals are more than happy to assist lower-skill pals who only want to have a good time, there are some who will not co-operate with anyone less skilled than themselves.

You’ll be able to put your new players in a more realistic situation by creating a scenario where you’ve had the opportunity to experience actual-world burnout. This then leaves these fresh individuals feeling cut off and unable to contribute; it might even appear like you’re being carried by your teammates, even though that isn’t usually the case. When you’ve been attacked, your online reputation can be harmed. Your rank may fall to nothing, and it might appear as if you’re being persecuted rather than challenged.

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Large blunders are not always the best option. It’s sometimes better to lose than to damage your team with errors. This is especially true if you’re the only one feeding in a game or playing at a lower level, but it applies to all levels of players. Some players get so enraged about losing that they go on tilt, playing worse and losing even more games as a result. If you keep surrendering every game at 0/5 when your opponents have decent scores… I’m not sure what to say.

Riot Games’ highly popular strategy game, League of Legends, is a team game in which players must collaborate with one another – if they aren’t interested in playing their part, then let them be. When it comes to winning games, teamwork is essential – being a lone-carry isn’t easy no matter how low your Elo rating is.

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Some people believe that high elo has more teamwork than low elos, which isn’t really true. It’s never a good idea to lose three games in a row unless you’re trolling your opponents or something – I mean, sure, if they’re full and just farming minions with their hands behind their backs, go ahead and attack them, but that isn’t always the case in high Elo.


Tilting is detrimental to everyone’s moods and attitudes, even if you don’t play ranked that often or aren’t particularly invested in winning every single game until you reach your 30th win. Some individuals give up as soon as they see their chances at victory declining faster than they may say “gg” on chat after losing a few games rapidly.

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If you have one or two poor performances but are adamant in not allowing them to color your future performance, you should probably keep playing. If you’ve lost confidence in your ability to win and every game appears to be a losing proposition, it’s time to call it quits and give it another shot later.

When It’s Time to Quit the Game Altogether

It’s not easy, but there are times when giving up is the greatest thing for everyone involved. Maybe you’re having such a terrible day that it feels like nothing will ever go right; maybe you expect too much of yourself or need more practice, or maybe certain teammates aren’t cut out for competitive play, and the sooner they accept this reality, the better off everyone will be. It’s better not to waste time by prolonging the inevitable from time to time.

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If League of Legends isn’t enjoyable for you right now, go offline and return another day. If you still aren’t enjoying the game after your return, and you find yourself frequently allowing the game to get to your head, perhaps it’s time to stop playing. (We all know you won’t, but it’s fine; we’ve all been there)


In the end, certain games aren’t as appealing as others. If you don’t feel like your performance is up to snuff or if specific teammates make it impossible to have fun, it might be a good idea to wait a little while before diving into ranked play. However, finishing every game before giving in is critical for rising your rank and maintaining a competitive spirit throughout the day. Sometimes, the only way out of a unenjoyable scenario is to summon that fortitude inside yourself that tells you when it’s time to stand up, smile, and just walk away from what isn’t worth your attention.

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