Ever since Bitcoin was introduced, a lot has changed in the digital market, from decentralization to enhances security, the world is now looking for a new way of transactions. It displayed the design and theory of the modern visual currency, which any financial organization and Government don’t control. This step was taken by an unknown person or group of people widely known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who ultimately invented and used Bitcoin in 2019. It is the first virtual coin to come to the public as a cryptocurrency that doesn’t follow the traditional currency regulation and uses modern concert and technology called cryptography and blockchain.

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The critical feature of Bitcoin is it’s a user-to-user system (Peer-to-Peer) without any intermediates, based on open-source software, controlled by professional programmers. This digital coin uses blockchain technology, which is highly secure and capable of storing every transaction detail.

Details about Bitcoin working process:

Bitcoin is a highly encrypted and decentralized virtual coin that uses a protocol known as ‘Blockchain.’ The blockchain is created by units (blocks) where every information has been recorded. The report includes the seller data, buyers’ details, transaction time, date, value, and even the specific exchange identifying code. According to information revealed by Stacey Harris (consultant for Pelicoin, a network of cryptocurrency ATMs), when the data or block is included in the blockchain, it’s become available to access by everyone. Therefore, if someone wants to check transaction details, they can easily access it due to this modern technology.

Blockchain uses a decentralized system, which means the Government or any other financial institute can’t access or control the system. The transaction block can only be added when Bitcoin holders with the unique code verify it. The code is pretty long, including random numbers and alphabets, making it challenging to do any con activity.

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There are several exchange platforms and wallets like this Platform, which has a pretty simple and user-friendly interface making this platform easy to use for first-time investors and, of course, professionals. With this platform, you can simply invest or trade Bitcoin quickly. Using this trustable and popular platform, you find trading Bitcoin too easy while the currency is secured with blockchain technology.

Is Bitcoin safe to trade?

The cryptography used in Bitcoin is designed by ‘US National Security Agency’ based on the ‘SHA-256’ algorithm. Cracking the Bitcoin algorithm or scamming is nearly impossible. The highly tight encryption and blockchain system make the currency and every transaction safe and sound. As mentioned already, the blockchain system keeps all the record details and the transaction holder’s facts, and much more. It is also an open platform that enables people to access those details if they have proper credentials that add more value when it comes to safety matters.

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Is Bitcoin the future?

Bitcoin’s popularity is not a new matter in cryptocurrencies; however, in the past two years during this Covid-19 time, Bitcoin hit the high value of all the time (69000$+); along with Bitcoin, the popularity of other currencies and crypto concepts has increased immensely globally. The traditional investors, who used to invest in regular stock trading, have attracted this unique platform and Bitcoin due to several advantages.

Bitcoin has a high liquidity value, which means you can exchange this digital coin for cash or gold while paying amazingly fewer charges. On the other hand, traditional currency’s liquidity value is pretty low, so you are charged a handsome amount while exchanging it with cash, gold, or other assets. The professional market researchers presume that Bitcoin will dominate the entire exchange system, mainly the traditional exchange and currency system, by considering its popularity across the globe.

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The unique open, decentralized technology makes this coin stable during inflation. The cryptocurrency concept first came after the massive inflation took place in 2008. Therefore, the creator of Bitcoin makes this coin decentralized to provide its stability and security.

The Bottomline:

The security and stability provided by this digital coin (Bitcoin) make experts presume that it can capture the entire exchange system in the near future. Moreover, the popularity of Bitcoin is increasing day by day; and people find this time is right to invest in Bitcoin due to its high popularity and value. However, when you invest in this coin, check the real-time value.

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